Kevin Trappeniers

Field of View

Field of View is a performance about taking opposite perspectives, polarisation, and the possibility of acceptance or reconciliation. Where does the imperfection in our connections lie – where do they undercut themselves? Can we increase cohesion rather than going on the attack? And is that desirable, or does our power lie within this imperfection?

Kevin Trappeniers studied Cultural Studies in Leuven. During his degree he investigated the relationship between theatre, film and workshops for the research project ‘Cinérama’ by Abbatoir Fermé, in the work of amongst others Andros Zins-Browne, Wim Vandekeybus and puppeteer Frank Soehnle. He performed in productions by Karl Van Welden (Verenigde Planeten) and in Abattoir Fermé’s comedy series Monster! for digital tv station Acht. He has been linked to the Brussels workspace L’L as a theatre creator and director since 2012. His own work develops explicitly on the intersection between visual arts, theatre and dance.