Audience development

We love to bring our performances off the stage and right up to our viewers’ noses. Our audience outreach service provides performances with extra context for our visitors, schools and groups. In addition, they work out projects in which we reach out to Brussels and its inhabitants. More info? Contact Delphine Somers or Awoulath Alougbin.

BX Brussels

BX Brussels is a warm-hearted football club that challenges children and youngsters to discover and develop their passions and talents within the societal realities of Brussels. This goes well beyond soccer alone: BX Brussels collaborates with organisations like KVS to warm children to culture and to stimulate them to grow and discover further.

The Day of Dance

Day of Dance means everyone in Flanders and Brussels can enjoy performances, try-outs, dance films, workshops and dance interventions in public space. It emphasises the connective power of dance. Dance allows us to meet each other past language barriers and has the power to unite people, cultures and art forms.

Rise Up

Interactive poetry project Rise Up started out with a question in the lead-up to the first anniversary of the Brussels terrorist attacks: can poetry play a part in discussing what has happened, and in healing together? After a trajectory of pre-workshops in various neighbourhoods, organisations and associations, participants from all sorts of backgrounds unite for a weekend-long multilingual poetry workshop, led by an artist. The results can be admired during a final presentation at KVS.

SLOW - Slam Our World

The world changes quickly! Especially in the city, where new people and art forms stream in constantly. KVS wants to transfer the wildly interesting artistic undercurrent from the streets to the stage. For that purpose, SLOW – Slam Our World – combines urban word art with theatre. For each SLOW-session, we welcome a different international guest. After a residence of a few weeks in Brussels, the artist shares the KVS stage with local artists, in a brave and vulnerable attempt to distil the colourful, multifaceted soul of our city into verse.

Pass à l'acte

This school project wants to bring theatre into the world of youngsters. We let pupils attend a performance and give them the chance to discuss it in class and explore its themes further. The pupils also attend theatre workshops at school.



Do you study Dutch and would you like to attend a performance? KVS, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Bronks and Beursschouwburg offer an accessible framework for foreign language speakers and organise free customized introductions or aftertalks in simple Dutch.

1. Nadine Baboy - Désintégration Culturelle
This performance, written, created and choreographed by Nadine Baboy, questions the role of identity, heritage and cultural membership in a cosmopolitan society.

Sat 23.11.2019, 20:30, dance/theatre, NL/FR/EN spoken
Introduction in simple Dutch

2. Skagen, De Roovers & De Nieuwe Tijd - SMOKE 
A modern version of the novel Smokeby Paul Auster with six actors and a minimalist set.

Fri 20.12.2019 & Sat 21.12.2019, 20u30, Theatre, NL spoken, surtitles FR
Introduction in simple Dutch

Do you work with people who are learning Dutch and who want to discover Brussels in an artistic fashion? KVS organizes free tailored creative practice opportunities for groups.

KVS in collaboration with Kaaitheater, Bronks, Kunstenfestivaldesarts & Beursschouwburg