Tomas Ntamashimikiro


BULLY is Tomas Ntamashimikiro’s first creation, a choreography for three dancers that incorporates elements of hip-hop, popping, krump, house, locking and waacking. Tomas started his preliminary research into bullying in 2018. BULLY centres on the idea: what if we consider depression as a form of bullying ourselves? He showcases the entire mental journey, accompanied by a jazz musician, a hip-hop producer and an R&B vocalist. From lowest lows to highest highs, the entire vicious cycle of self-hatred and guilt. The creation was performed at KVS in the autumn of 2021.


Tomas Ntamashimikiro is on a mission: to conquer a place for evening-long urban dance productions on the classic Flemish theatre circuit. He dances in other people’s creations, creates his own productions and leads workshops to teach people the basics of hip-hop dance.

© Blaise Turikumwe