© Danny Willems

La poésie derrière Afropean // Human Being

Afropean // Human Being est une quête de ce que signifie avoir des origines africaines en Europe. Une distribution pentacéphale partage ses expériences : d’où venons-nous, où allons-nous ? Comment est-ce de toujours être « l’autre », mais aussi être « d’ici » ? Et au fond, que signifie ce « d’ici » ? Une personne d’origine africaine le conçoit-elle différemment d’une personne « belgo-belge » ?

En préparation du spectacle Sukina Douglas a écrit ce poème:

To be a black girl in this world
Is to be a walking paradigm
An apparent contradiction
You are visible and invisible
At the same time -
You fulfil two roles
Either passive or aggressive
Either subservient or too assertive
Too bossy
Too bitchy
Your voice should either be quiet
So everyone feels safe;
And if you raise it, well -
You may as well be a motherfucking monster
A one-eyed beast
To be feared and avoided.
There aren’t many roles for us to play
On this European stage -
So some of us soften our voices,
Smile regularly, and appear attentive
And interested in everything Jane has to say at the office;
Laugh when she laughs but maybe a little louder
So she knows that you really get it, like you get it, get it!
Well-spoken black person
The type that would receive comments
On a drunken night out like
“I don't even see colour”
“We’re the same you and me!”
And you’ll smile and think
“I know what she means,”
Even though something about it makes you feel uncomfortable
But you won’t lean into the discomfort
You don't want to rock the boat
Or challenge her comments
Because, well …
She means well -
And that’s what counts, right?