Calendar of situations

Verken onder de ticketknop wanneer je bij Pitcho terecht kunt voor een film, een talk of een verhaal. Of loop eens langs gedurende de dag, peuzel je lunch aan het huisje op, luister samen met Pitcho naar muziek, beweeg mee met z’n moves en ontdek welke woorden hij op de gevel achterlaat. 

Nov 23 - DAY 1                                         

9:00                       He wakes up. Comes out. He comes home. He goes to look at the river.
10:00                      Write on the outside walls of the house.
11:00                      Sometimes he becomes an ethnographer. He dives into the water.
12:15                      The Time Between Us. Storytelling FR
13:00                      Lunch. Listen to music.
14:00                      Watch the film “Our City” by Maria Tarantino
15:00                      Leaves. Walk around the house.
15:45                      Prepare the house to receive a guest.
16:00                      Dialogue with Jaco Van Dormael
17:00                      Tells the story very quietly to himself.
18:00                      The Time Between Us
19:00                      Read “Austerlitz” by W.G. Sebald
20:15                      Dinner
21:30                      The Time Between Us
23:00                      Read “The Parachute Jump” by Georges Perec for fifteen minutes.
23:30                      Listen to music.

Nov 24 - DAY 2  

9:00                         He wakes up. Comes out. Get to the house. He goes to look at the river. He comes back and eats something.
10:00                      Write in his red notebook. Describe his situation. Describe a memory.
11:00                      He dives into the water. Write on the exterior walls of the house.
12:00                      Leave. Walk around the house. Now, as if I were an ethnographer asking about little things like time, being alone, leaving places safe, to 15 people, in or out of the house.
13:00                      Lunch.
14:00                      Sweep the house. He lies down to read “Solaris” by Stanisław Lem with the windows open.
15:00                      Watch the film Patience Patience, t’Iras Au Paradis by Hadja Lahbib
16:20                      Write some signs and some words on the wall.
16:40                      Walk to the river.
17:00                      Invite someone to drink.
17:30                      Sing a song to yourself.
17:45                      The time between us. Story. FR
18:30                      Prepare the house to receive a guest.
19:00                      Dialogue with Tamara Cubas
20:15                      The Time Between Us
21:45                      The Time Between Us
22:30                      Dinner
23:00                      Observations
0:00                        Listen to Before and after science Brian Eno. Good evening. He goes out to look at the stars.

Nov 25 - DAY 3  

9:00                        Eat something. Write in his white notebook.
10:00                      He walks to the cemetery. Ask someone something that doesn't have a place to to go. He tells them a memory.
11:00                      He draws inside the house what he saw the night before. He tells a story very quietly to himself. He takes some pictures.
11:30                      He watches a movie 
13:00                      He has lunch
14:00                      He takes a nap listening to Brahms, piano concerto N 1
15:00                      He takes pictures of the house and write down details of what is important to him.
16:45                      He tells the story very quietly to himself.
17:45                      The time between us.
18:30                      Prepare the house to receive a guest.
19:00                      Dialogue with Preto Amparo
20:15                      The time between us. 
21:45                      The time between us. 
22:30                      Dinner. Invite a friend to play and drink.
23:00                      Listen to music. Dance alone or with whoever wants to dance with him.

Nov 26 - DAY 4  

9:00                        Listen to music and read “Of Walking In Ice”, Werner Herzog.
10:00                      Eat something. She painstakingly arranges the new files of him in the house space.
11:00                      Walk to the river. Write on the outside of the house.
12:00                      Watch a film.
14:00                      Go to bed and eat something.
15:00                      Listen to some records. Take a shower.
16:00                      He films inside the house, goes out and at a distance he films the house that he sees.
17:45                      The Time Between Us.
18:30                      Prepare the house to receive a guest.
19:00                      Dialogue with Rodrigo Arena
20:15                      The Time Between Us. 
21:00                      He rests or does something that makes him feel good.
21:45                      The Time Between Us. 
22:30                      Dinner
23:00                      Invite someone to the house to read “The witness” by Juan José Saer with them

Nov 27- DAY 5

9:00                        He eats something and goes out in the morning to look at the river for the last time.
10:00                      Take some pictures. Films the interior of the house. He goes out and films some people.
11:00                      Eat something and write on the walls.
12:00                      He goes to bed, maybe. Listen to music.
13:00                      Have lunch somewhere in the city while reading “L’amour Très Surestimé” by Brigitte Giraud
14:00                      The Time Between Us.
14:45                      Draw a continuous line through the house.
15:00                      Watch a film 
16:30                      He begins to say goodbye.
17:45                      The Time Between Us. 
18:30                      Prepare the house to receive a guest.
19:00                      Dialogue with Sibila Sotomayor from Las Tesis
20:00                      Order the words that inevitably will no longer be the same.
20:15                      The Time Between Us.
21:30                      Eat something and collect his things while listening to some songs.
23:00                      Leaves. Walk and get lost in the city.