Deconstructivism  is a research project based on propaganda, initiated by Igor Shyshko, as a direct response to the Ukraine war. Himself a native Belarus citizen, living in Brussels for more than 25 years, his involvement in the political upheaval is both engaged and distant. Caught between family alliances and ethical concerns, Igor opens up a place for meeting and reflection. In an attempt to tear down the walls of propaganda that divide citizens, artists and political workers. To see if anything can still be ‘moved’ in the impasse.

Deconstructivism researches the politics of movement in a space that has come to a stand-off. What are the ‘gestures’ of propaganda, and how do they (not) differ from gestures of resistance? Working with dancers with both a Russian and a Ukrainian background, are we, as artists, still able to work, to listen, and move our bodies in a common space? Or is it only proper to come to a standstill in view of what is happening?


This project was possible thanks to the support of the Flemish Community and the Flemish Government: Department of culture, youth and media.