Marios Bellas / RITCS
ma 14.06.2021 - wo 16.06.2021

We burn a candle
For time is now structured
isolated and trapped
Can time be permitted
We burn a candle
For past generations
For blindness regret
For mourning and crying
We burn a candle
For the unborn children
For the fearlessness
For hope and connection
We burn a candle
For space is not free
Our bodies not ours
Our minds on the task
We burn a candle
For your names and pasts
Which do not exist
We're all but a story
We burn a candle
Whatever you did
Wherever you are
Come find us and sit
We burn a candle
May death be a stage
Let's celebrate life
We're all merely players
We burn a candle
In silence and distance
We care for each other
May power diminish
We burn a candle
No power exists
It's all but a story
Come find us and sit
We burn a candle
May health be upon us
May violence meet kindness
May time be our time
We burn a candle
And sing on the inside
Let nature be felt
Through bricks of the city
We burn a candle
Wind takes flames to nothing
Let darkness be darkness
May midnight be ours
We burn a candle
For freedom of feeling
For walking the dog
Or walking with God
We burn a candle
For colour and colours
For sisters and mothers
For illegal love
We burn a candle
For rational minds
Working together
For outdated times
We burn a candle
Come find us in silence
Feel coldness and fire
You are never alone


Director Marios Bellas With Alix Konadu, Camille Bosquelle, Céline Gaza, Stefan Gota, Bibi van Lieshout Sound Elric & Jurian Reinartz Light Toon de Gols Production Robbie Smedts Coaching Junior Mthombeni Special thanks to Bart Capelle, Simon Mayer, Dirk Verstockt, RITCS