Dido and Aeneas

Blanca Li Dance Cie
Sat 04.01.2025 and Sun 05.01.2025
  • 04.01.2025
    20:00 - 21:20
    KVS, Brussels
  • 05.01.2025
    20:00 - 21:20
    KVS, Brussels

Internationally renowned choreographer Blanca Li and her dance company perform a decidedly contemporary, pared-down, light-footed version of Dido & Aeneas, based on Henry Purcell’s opera.

Blanca Li has choreographed many ballets and directed plays across the world. Besides her own (short) films, she is a household name in the film, fashion, and music industries thanks to collaborations with Pedro Almodóvar, Daft Punk, Beyoncé ea.

With this Dido and Aeneas, she has designed a choreographically and visually engaging performance, in which the performers fuse together into a unique, flowing whole. All within an abstract, changing scenery that seamlessly disappears into the graphic lighting design by Pascal Laajili. The music by Les Arts Florissants adds a dramatic, lively dimension to the luscious, ethereal choreography by Li. A must see!


OPGENOMEN MUZIEK / MUSIQUE ENREGISTRÉE / RECORDED MUSIC Les Arts Florissants - William Christie COMPAGNIE BLANCA LI 10 dansers / 10 danseurs / 10 dancers REGIE & CHOREOGRAFIE / MISE EN SCÈNE ET CHORÉGRAPHIE / DIRECTION & CHOREOGRAPHY Blanca Li GEASSISTEERD DOOR / ASSISTÉE DE / ASSISTED BY Déborah Torres Garguilo et Glyslein Lefever SCENOGRAFIE / SCÈNOGRAPHIE / SCENOGRAPHY Blanca Li LICHT / LUMIÈRES / LIGHT Pascal Laajili KOSTUUMS / COSTUMES Laurent Mercier PRODUCTIE / PRODUCTION Calentito - Compagnie Blanca Li MET / AVEC / WITH Alizée Duvernois, Victor Virnot, Gael Rougegrez, Meggie Isabet, Quentin Picot, Martina Consoli, Maeva Lassere, Gaetan Vermeulen, Julien Marie-Anne & Coline Fayolle
CREATIE CHOREOGRAFIE IN / CRÉATION CHORÉGRAPHIE AUX / CREATION CHOREOGRAPHY AT Studios de la Compagnie, Fondation Fiminco de Romainville RESIDENTIE / RÉSIDENCE / RESIDENCY Le Cube Garges COPRODUCTIE / CO-PRODUCTION La Villette, Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse, Théâtre de Liège MET DE STEUN VAN / AVEC LE SOUTIEN DE / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Ministère de la Culture – Direction régionale des affaires culturelles d’Île-de-France