Room rentals

When our stages are empty of performing artists, our accommodation is entirely at your disposal! You can rent these rooms for an inspired presentation, captivating workshop or dazzling reception. A talk, exhibition or performance: anything’s possible. And all in the setting of this historical theatre (in the BOL, FOYER, BAR or TOP) or the modern building on Arduinkaai (in the BOX or KVS CAFÉ). Both buildings are easy to reach and are part of Brussels Special Venues. You can read about the various rooms and options here.

Lakensestraat 146 Rue de Laeken
1000 Brussels

Arduinkaai 7 Quai aux Pierres de Taille
1000 Brussels

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Winne Jacobs and Lise Bruynseels via events@kvs.be or +32 2 210 11 25. They will help you make your event a great experience.

Custom catering

Excellent catering is essential for a reception, meeting or party. KVS will help you spoil your guests: anything from a simple lunch to a luxury dinner.

Our caterers will take on all the responsibility for your party, presentation or networking event. They take care of the festive and culinary aspects of your reception, coffee break, lunch or (walking) dinner. You can count on food and drinks that meet all your expectations.

You can choose between:

  • the in-house KVS caterers
  • our regular catering partners

If you would like to use another caterer, that is perfectly alright, but KVS will then request 15% commission on the total bill.

Custom events

Anyone organising an event will sometimes lack the time or inspiration to arrange everything themselves. This is no problem, as KVS is pleased to help you set up an event entirely suited to your organisation. On the basis of your particular wishes, we can recommend the right room, arrangements and catering. If this interests you, we would like to meet briefly to go over all the necessary points.

We would be happy to provide a quote for a custom event. To make it as realistic as possible, we first need the information mentioned below. Send it by mail to events@kvs.be and Winne and Lise will do the rest.

  • Date, starting time and duration of the event
  • Number of guests/participants (capacity of room)
  • Brief description of the event (performance/reception/talk etc.)
  • Preference for a particular room at KVS
  • Name and contact details

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