Spoken language & surtitling

Because we operate in the multilingual city of Brussels, our own productions are performed in Dutch, French, English, Arabic etc., and are surtitled in one and sometimes two languages. Our ultimate aim is to provide surtitles in two languages for all productions. For each production is mentioned which language is spoken and what surtitling is planned.

People with a hearing impairment

Any viewer with a hearing aid can make use of the room loop in the KVS BOL and KVS BOX theatres. A room loop is a wireless listening system for hearing aids with a T switch that amplifies the sound on stage and filters out environmental background noise. Courtesy of Cera.

Need help? Contact us via tickets@kvs.be

People with reduced mobility

KVS BOX and KVS BOL are both accessible to wheelchair users. When booking your tickets please state whether you have a normal or an electric wheelchair, and whether you wish to remain in your wheelchair during the performance.


Lockers for coats, bags and other belongings are available in both buildings.

Folding Bikes

All folding bikes are welcome! You can safely leave them at reception, someone is always present until the end of the performance.

Air quality

All our theatres, offices and foyers feature up-to-date ventilation systems. We use 100% fresh filtered outside air, not recuperated air. This means that all inside air is always 100% abducted to the outside (part of the heat is recuperated through a heat exchanger). This ensures that the CO2-concentration remains low. 

Our air and heating systems receive regular maintenance. We guarantee proper functioning of the installation and timely cleaning. The systems are also checked by an external auditor yearly. This includes the air handling units, air ducts and boilers. Filters are renewed every 15 months. The ventilation system is internally monitored daily by our infrastructure manager.

Hearing Protection

If performances contain loud noises, we provide a warning on a sign by the entrance. We also provide packages with pairs of earplugs. 

KVS conforms with Flemish regulations regarding the maximum volume during amplified musical performances. Sound levels cannot surpass the 95dB(A)Laeq15min and 102dB(A)max limits. Both of our theatres contain measuring devices (10Eazy or Apex Hera).

Photos, recordings, telephones

Taking pictures or making recordings during performances is strictly prohibited. May we also ask you to put your phone in silent or flight mode? This prevents awkward mid-performance situations.

Questions & suggestions

In need of a provision we hadn’t considered? Contact us on tickets@kvs.be. Together, we’ll create an open and accessible theatre.