Want to work at KVS?

Are you fascinated by theatre and the city, and want to contribute your talents to this cause? We might have a place for you on one of our four floors.

KVS is the Brussels city theatre, a crossroads of many ways and worlds. A stage for theatre, dance and music, for challenging classics and groundbreaking new voices. KVS embraces the city in its plurality and wants to resonate far outside of Brussels as an intercultural, intergenerational and gender-diverse city theatre.

In our theatre, various departments work together closely. You might be able to help us out with any of these: administration, production, tech, communications, housekeeping, dramaturgy, infrastructure, set and costumes, audience outreach, front of house, security, or the café.

Why KVS?

We asked around and these are the responses of our coworkers.

'My desk is my favourite place in this building. I feel warmly surrounded by colleagues, and here I’m best placed to fend for our artists’ interests, which I do with all my heart.' (Isabelle)

'Having the option to grab a coffee at the bar or have a nice meal during your break, that’s a big advantage of working here.' (Monique)

'Working towards a premiere makes for a really motivating atmosphere, and once the premiere finally comes, you can simply sit back and enjoy.' (Heidi)

'Working in a majestic building like this is class. I feel like a king every time I walk through the foyer.' (Kevin)

'I like travelling with productions, but from a technical standpoint BOL is really top notch, so it’s always great to come home. Four o’clock beers are my favourite part of the day though!' (Dimi)

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We are here for you, and for each other.
At KVS we create and perform theatre with passion. We do so together: with each other, and for an audience. Whoever you are, whatever your position, no matter how long you work here, wherever you come from, whatever your sexual preferences, your age, your language … Read our code of conduct.


Would you like to intern at the theatre? Every season we are on the lookout for interns to support our services (and not just with coffee – promise).
Come help us out, gain work experience and take in the atmosphere.

You’re always welcome to work for us under an internship agreement. Send an email with your CV and motivation to info@kvs.be. Don’t forget to mention what department you’d like to work at and why.

"The easy-going atmosphere makes KVS an ideal place to learn. As an intern, you are included in nearly everything, and your voice actually counts. And of course, the coffee is great!"

(Quinten, intern communication)

"You are really thrown in at the deep end – albeit with someone experienced glancing over your shoulder. KVS is a lovely place to experience the theatre sector and Brussels."

(Lotte, intern dramaturgy)

Apply spontaneously

You can always apply spontaneously by sending us your resume and cover letter by email.

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