Frequently Asked Questions

What can you take into account when ordering your tickets? What happens if you suddenly have a complaint or if the performance unfortunately cannot go ahead? You can read all about it below in the frequently asked questions. 

Do you have questions about your visit during corona? Read more here

Questions about tickets

How do I book tickets?

  • Online: You can book and pay for tickets online using Visa or Mastercard, or by bank transfer within five days. You will receive your tickets via email, or you can download them immediately.  
  • In person: You can book tickets at our box office, Arduinkaai 7, 1000 Brussels, between 12pm and 7pm from Tuesday to Friday. You can pay in cash, using Bancontact, or with a credit card. You will receive paper tickets to take home.
  • Over the phone: You can book over the phone between 12pm and 7pm from Tuesday to Friday at 02 210 11 12. You can pay immediately by credit card, or within five days by bank transfer. You will receive your tickets via email, or they can be sent to your physical address on request.

Can I exchange my ticket?

Yes, you can exchange your ticket for a different performance of the same production. This is only possible if there are seats left for your chosen date and an admin fee of €2,5 is applicable. Unfortunately it is not possible to exchange your ticket for a different production or a voucher. Tickets are only refunded if a performance is cancelled.

I’d like a ticket for tonight’s performance, is that possible?

If the performance is not sold out, you can most certainly book a ticket. These are available online until one hour before the performance starts; after that you can still come to the evening box office until half an hour prior to the start of the performance.

The performance is sold out. Can I still get tickets?

When a performance is sold out, you can register on a waiting list one hour before the start of the performance. You can only do this in person, not over the phone. There is no guarantee of a seat, but there is a good chance that you’ll be able to attend. If you are on the waiting list, you can only pay your tickets in cash on the spot.

I’d like to come with a group or a class. Is there a separate group booking system?

We like to accommodate you in the best way possible, therefore please contact our box office colleague Olga Cermeli rather than booking online:

Do you need help contextualising the performance or are you looking for educational materials?

Contact audience outreach officer Delphine Somers:

Can you scan digital tickets from my phone?

Of course! We encourage you to refrain from printing tickets. Just make sure the QR code is clearly visible and your screen brightness is turned up.

During the performance

I’m running late!

Unfortunately latecomers are not admitted to the auditorium. Nearly all of our performances run without an interval, so you will be unable to get in.

Can I store my coat or bag somewhere?

Yes, both KVS BOX and KVS BOL have lockers. You can store all your things for €1.
At KVS BOX the lockers are to the left of reception.
At KVS BOL the lockers are on the -1 level.

Where can I store my folding bike?

At KVS BOX: there’s a bicycle rack right inside the doors.
At KVS BOL: in the box office.

Can I eat and drink during the performance?

No, but you can have a drink at our bar before and after the show.

Can I take pictures or video during the performance?

No, your mobile phone should be switched off during the performance. You are however welcome to take pictures in the auditorium right before the performance and during the bows. Why not tag us with @kvsbrussels?
KVS also provides its own gorgeous images of each performance. Would you like to have these? Just contact us.

Can I leave the auditorium during the performance?

We understand that there might be circumstances under which you urgently need to leave the auditorium. Please try to do so as quietly as possible, so as to not disturb the audience and actors. Once outside, there will be no readmittance.

What if I don’t speak the language of the performance?

We try to make every performance understandable in Dutch, French and English, via surtitles or otherwise. Check the performance web page for details.

I was pickpocketed/I slipped and hurt myself during the performance.

Of course we hope these things don’t happen, but you are on KVS premises at your own risk. KVS is not liable for accidents.


I would like some extra context around the performance. Where can I find this?

We regularly organise discussions with dramaturges and creators before or after a performance. You can find dates on the web page of each performance. In our KVS season paper you’ll also find interviews with creators and extra context for our own productions. Looking for more expansive contextualisation? Contact our audience outreach officer:

I am hard of hearing, can I still attend with ease?

For viewers with a hearing aid we have a ring loop at KVS BOX and KVS BOL. A ring loop is a wireless system for hearing aids with a T-setting. The system amplifies performance sounds and filters out ambient sounds. Please let us know if you want to make use of the loop when you book your ticket (over the phone or via email), so that we can help you to the best of our abilities. 

Can I attend the performance in a wheelchair?

Yes, both KVS BOX and KVS BOL are accessible for wheelchair users. Whether you are coming in a regular or an electric wheelchair, please give us a call when you book tickets and mention if you want to be seated in your wheelchair or in a regular seat during the performance.

I have a visual impairment. Is there an audio introduction or description available?

Unfortunately we are not (yet) able to provide audio introductions or descriptions for our performances. We would however be delighted to help you get the best seat possible. Please call our ticket desk (02 210 11 12) and we will accommodate you to the best of our abilities.

STIB Event Pass

How does the Event Pass work?

The Event Pass allows you to use public transport within Brussels – MIVB or De Lijn – for free on the day of the performance. This takes only three simple steps, which you can complete from 3 days before the performance.

  1. Choose Event Pass on the screen at one of the 375 available GO ticketing machines.
  2. Insert the 9-character code on your KVS ticket
  3. Grab your pass and go!

Can I still use my Event Pass past midnight?

Your Event Pass remains valid until 6am on the day after the performance. If the performance is on a Friday or Saturday, you can also make use of Noctis busses, which come every half hour between midnight and 3am.

What if there is no GO ticket machine at my bus or tram stop?

You can claim your Event Pass three days in advance at any machine. If your stop doesn’t have one or it’s faulty, please try one of the other 375 available machines.

What can I do if I have lost my ticket with the Event Pass code or if the ticket gets stolen?

You will receive a duplicate ticket with the same Event Pass code. In the unlikely event that the code has been used previously, KVS cannot be held liable.