Memory of Mankind

Marcus Lindeen & Marianne Ségol
Thu 23.05.2024 - Sun 26.05.2024

Deep inside a salt mine in the Austrian Alps lies an archive created by ceramist Martin Kunze that he calls “The Memory of Mankind”. Since 2012, he has crafted a collection of ceramic plates containing text and images to ‘back up’ human civilisation and preserve all existing knowledge about our modern times. Kunze’s ultimate aim is to create a time capsule that could last millions of years, hoping that future civilisations will find the archive and learn about our story. But what do you want people a million years from now to know about us? How do you even start? And what gives one man the right to tell the story of everyone?

In this captivating theatre performance, the Swedish director Marcus Lindeen and the French dramaturge Marianne Ségol ingeniously interweave the tale of Martin Kunze with other true stories. Among them, we meet a man who suffers from a rare type of amnesia that wipes his memory clean, and a queer archaeologist who questions our relationship to history. Bringing the characters and audience together in the same space, the performance poses an existential question: why would it be better to remember than to forget?


presentatie / presentation Kunstenfestivaldesarts & KVS tekst & regie / écriture & mise en scène / writing & direction Marcus Lindeen concept / conception Marcus Lindeen & Marianne Ségol dramaturgie & vertaling / dramaturgie & traduction / dramaturgy & translation Marianne Ségol performers / interprètes Jean-Philippe Uzan, Axel Ravier, Sofia Aouine, Driver stemmen / voix / voices Gabriel Dufay, Julien Lewkowicz, Olga Mouak, Nathan Jousni muziek & geluidsontwerp / musique & création sonore / music & sound design Hans Appelqvist scenografie / scénographie / set design Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy lichtontwerp / création lumières / light design Diane Guérin kostuumontwerp / création costumes / costume design Charlotte Legał IIcasting Naelle Dariya toneelmeester / régie générale / stage manager David Marin Geluidstechnicus / technicien son / sound technician Nicolas Brusq videotechnicus / technicien video / video technician Dimitri Blin productie, spreiding, administratie / production, diffusion, administration / production, distribution, administration Emmanuelle Ossena, Charlotte Pesle Beal, Lison Bellanger - EPOC productions productie / production Company Wild Minds coproductie / coproduction Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Piccolo Teatro di Milano, T2G Gennevilliers, Festival d’Automne à Paris, Le Quai – CDN Angers Pays de Loire, La Comédie de Caen – CDN de Normandie, Wiener Festwochen, Le META-CDN Poitiers, CDN Besançon Franche-Comté, Le Grand T Nantes, Le Lieu Unique Nantes, PEP Pays-de-Loire project met de steun van de / projet soutenu par le / project supported by the Ministère de la Culture – Direction régionale des affaires culturelles met de steun van / avec le soutien de / with the support of Fondation d’entreprise Hermès voorstellingen in Brussel met de steun van de / performances à Bruxelles avec le soutien de / performances in Brussels with the support of the French Embassy in Belgium and the Institut français Paris as part of EXTRA, a program that supports French contemporary creation in Belgium