Vita Siyo Muchezo Ya Watoto

Frédérique Lecomte / KVS, Théâtre & Réconciliation
Wed 20.11.2019 - Sat 14.12.2019

Vita Siyo Muchezo Ya Watoto unites twenty-three people from different backgrounds on one stage. Among them three actors and one musician from Congo and Burundi, nine Belgian actors and ten asylum seekers. Together they want to write a new narrative of compassionate humanity in a world full of contradictions, opposed interests and doubts, not shunning taboos.  

Past summer, the Brussels theatre maker and artistic director of Théâtre & Réconciliation,  Frédérique Lecomte, travelled to Goma, accompanied by nine Belgian actors, among them KVS-face Valentijn Dhaenens. Goma is situated in East-Congo, a territory rich in resources, which has been badly affected by war violence for years, wars for which innumerable child soldiers were recruited. There, Lecomte creates theatre with, by and for local communities.

The goal of their journey? To get the Belgian actors out of their comfort zone and bring them into contact with the environment and experience of their co-actors and ex-child soldiers. An encounter and artistic collaboration between worlds that are literally and figuratively wide apart. Together they made a touching and at the same time humorous show about the way that people from different continents, each shaped by their own context and history, approach and experience the conflictual reality.

The actors convey the sometimes rough themes and experiences in a surprisingly lighthearted fashion, often in their own mother tongue (Kirundi, Swahili, Dutch or French). Furthermore Lecomte wields a daring directorial approach: live during the show, the performed scenes are arranged into a definitive dramaturgical development, taken into account what is going on in the moment, in the interaction between the stage and the audience. Short scenes in rapid succession at a sharp pace, so every performance is different. 

Vita Siyo Muchezo Ya Watoto was performed 7 times in Goma and surroundings, in the open air, for an audience of hundreds of bystanders. This time Frédérique brings the show to Brussels. Is it possible to do the same in a completely different context?

Frédérique Lecomte creates arresting performances in Belgium and abroad, using a combination of professional and non-professional actors. Her style is unique - a kind of total theatre rooted in authenticity and vulnerability - and completely disarming. For the last 15 years she has made music theatre in the war-zone border region of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. 

‘An intimate encounter with a reality that is not nearly as far from our own as it may seem.’


REGISSEUR / METTEUR EN SCÈNE / DIRECTOR Frédérique Lecomte MUZIEK / MUSIQUE / MUSIC Jean Claude Minani MET / AVEC / WITH Léonard Berthet-Rivière, Jean Coers, Valentijn Dhaenens, Emilienne Flagothier, Jean Marie Kabanza, Patricia Kargbo, Jean Claude Minani, Prosper Nduwayo, Do Nsoseme Dora, Marie-Charlotte Siokos, Bibi Van Lieshout, Eva Zingaro-Meyer DRC Jonathan Baibonge Mulwa, Elia Baibonge, Mapendo Bazungu Martha, Kidume Dieumerci, Deborah Kahindo, Bushiri Kalume Mande, Cecile Kavira, Brave Kilonfu Mulengetsi, Ishara Maboko, François Misangu Byemba, Prix d’Achat Muhindo Kamate, Lebon Mumbere Karasisi, Maisha Mustafa, Shukuru Nadinne, Yves Ndagano, Aron Ndoole, Baraka Neema, Rebecca Neema, Marie Louise Sekabogo Banganya, Boyd Stout, Elie Syauswa Phinée, Ezechiel Tumaini Bitaraka, Albert Ushindi Lumoo, Fiston Wilondja Byamungu BXL Mohammed Almafrachi, Sekou Coumbassa, Ewout D’Hoore, Hadjiratou Diallo, Ousmane Diallo, Anne Kilubusha-Banakayi, Mariam Kourouma, Koné Oulaymatou, Sonia Byby Sona, Bintou Touré, Aissé Traoré DRAMATURGIE / DRAMATURGY Ewout D’Hoore, Yves Wellens, Kristin Rogghe SCENOGRAFIE & KOSTUUMS / SCENOGRAPHIE & COSTUMES / SCENOGRAPHY & COSTUMES Christine Mobers UITVOERING KOSTUUMS / CONFECTION COSTUMES / EXECUTION COSTUMES Divin Efsiba, Marion Galisson LICHTONTWERP / CONCEPTION LUMIÈRE / LIGHT DESIGN Mohammed Sultan Daaboul REGIE-ASSISTENTIE DRC / ASSISTANCE MISE EN SCÈNE RDC / ASSISTANT DIRECTION DRC Juliette Damien PRODUCTIELEIDING / DIRECTEUR DE PRODUCTION / PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Miek Scheers, Tamara Gullentops TECHNIEK / TECHNIQUE Steven Brys, Patrick Van Neck LOGISTIEK DRC / LOGISTIQUE RDC / LOGISTICS DRC Claude Amini, Papy Chimalamungo Miruho VERTALING DRC / TRADUCTION RDC / TRANSLATION DRC Jean Marie Kabanza, Prosper Nduwayo FOTOGRAFIE / PHOTOGRAPHIE / PHOTOGRAPHY Véronique Vercheval PRODUCTIE / PRODUCTION Théâtre & Réconciliation, KVS IN SAMENWERKING MET / EN COLLABORATION AVEC / IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Centre Des Arts Scéniques, Ret International - Goma, Ritcs, ENSAV La Cambre, Fedasil, Central, Médecins du Monde MET DE STEUN VAN / AVEC LE SOUTIEN DE / WITH THE SUPPORT OF The Brussels Capital Region, WBI, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Service des Arts de le Scène de la Province du Hainaut