Lecture Paula González

Paula González Seguel / KIMVN Teatro (CL)
Proximamente Festival
Thu 28.11.2019 15:45 - 16:45
KVS, Brussels
15:45 - 16:45
Past event

Paula González (Chile) is an actor, director, playwright, professor and documentary filmmaker. Since 2008 she has been working on a wide-ranging artistic path and in an idiosyncratic artistic language within the documentary genre. She primarily works around themes like the collective memory, oral tradition, indigenous peoples, acts of violence and human rights. Her work has been praised in Chile and beyond. González’ creations have received numerous accolades and are represented at many international festivals.

NVTRAM is a performative conference which develops around KIMVN Teatro historic journey and their latest work TREWA. The Nation-State or the spectrum of the betrayalThe conference presents a multidisciplinary work, which contextualizes -through the performing arts- the cultural and political resistance frame in which the Mapuche people live. This resistance takes place in their public and private life, and is the consequence of the multiple situations of violence that the State, the civil society and the transnationals, among others, have historically exerted over this indigenous people from Chile.

KIMVN Teatro invites us to know and reflect, from the arts, about an indigenous community which is alive and that has historically fought for keeping and preserving their customs, worldviews, language and existence.

TREWA. State – Nation or the Spectrum of Treason brings together over thirty professionals, including performers, musicians, audio-visual artists, social scientists, Mapuche curators, … Each from their own perspective and background they add to this reflection on the violence that confronts the Mapuche people daily.

The anonymous testimony of a police officer, the death of Macarena Valdés – shrouded in suspicious circumstances – and the 180 bullets that punctured the body of Brandon Huentecol: these are the main threads that run through this documentary and ethnographic play by Paula González. With this performance she draws attention to the acts of violence to which the Mapuche people are frequently subjected; acts of violence organised throughout history by the state and the economic powers that be. González zooms in on the complex historical and political process that binds the state of Chile and the Mapuche. She wants to engender recognition and legitimacy for the demands of the Mapuche people, of whom she is a descendant through the maternal line.


REGIE / DIRECTION / DIRECTION Paula González-Seguel (director and documentalist) IN SAMENWERKING MET / EN COOPERATION AVEC / WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF Helene Risor (anthropologist), Evelyn González-Seguel (author, composer and music interpreter), Nicole Gutiérrez Perret (singer and percussionist), William García (musician), Fabián Curinao (actor and indigenous language and culture teacher) and Elsa Quinchaleo Avendaño (actress and Wünel ñizol domo from the Mapuche community Petu Moguelein Mawidache) COPRODUCTIE / COPRODUCTION Center for Intercultural and Indigenous Studies CIIR