Fighting Stances

Tue 30.03.2021 20:00 - 21:30
At home, Earth
20:00 - 21:30
Past event

One virtual boxing ring, three intense rounds and a few challenging premises: welcome to Fighting Stances, an online initiative by KVS, VUB and the Platform for Risky Martial Arts, which invites you to look at martial arts through a few surprising lenses.

Fighting Stances is part of the week-long WeKONEKT programme, in which the VUB and ULB universities investigate how they can contribute to a tighter Brussels community through a variety of online and offline initiatives.

On 30 March it’s time for Fighting Stances, a project in collaboration with KVS. Together with the Platform for Risky Martial Arts, KVS is bringing together a bunch of sparring partners. They spend three suspenseful rounds figuring out what role martial arts can play within highly diverse groups.

Round 1: The streets as arena: the impact of Covid on Brussels martial arts clubs

Tom Flachet: Sports youth councillor at Brussels Boxing Academy
Els Dom: Coordinator of the Platform for Risky Martial Arts
Marc Theeboom: President of the research group Sport & Society VUB

Round 2: Martial arts without winners or losers

Pieter van Caenenghem: Oudenaarde prison director
Ibrahim Emsallak: Coordinator of the Flemish Boxing Liga
Filip Pluym: Founder of Parkiboks Turnhout

Ronde 3: Martial arts & arts

Caroline Pauwels: Rector VUB
Jalal El Achkar: Actor in A Sleeping Elephant (2012)
Koen Augustijnen (Karim): Choreographer of dance theatre production (B) (2019)

Are your fingers itching yet? Follow the debate live on the Facebook page of WeKONEKT or on the online platform KVS 24/7. There is no need to register in advance.