Carte blanche Alesandra Seutin

Junadry Leocaria, Akeim Toussaint Buck, Alesandra Seutin & The Revolutionary
Fri 02.07.2021 20:30 - 22:30
KVS, Brussels
20:30 - 22:30
Past event

For the sixth edition of the festival, CONGOLISATION is giving free rein to performer, choreographer and international teacher Alesandra Seutin. She takes up this open invitation with an evening in two parts.

It’s not the first time Alesandra Seutin visits KVS. With her company Vocab Dance, she creates visually stunning pieces that make the audience consider social, political and economic issues. In 2019 she visited KVS with her production Giant, and at the end of 2019 she was cast member and choreographer for KVS production Dear Winnie. This time, she gets free rein for the night.
The first part of the evening will feature two solo performances: 

Ta(m)bu - Junadry Leocaria

Through her growth as a performer and as a human, Junadry Leocaria is starting to understand better how important the hidden cultural history of Curaçao – her own history – is. In recent years, she created several expressive works that leave no one cold.
Junadry’s ancestors have blessed her with musicality, creativity, power, and especially with the ability to express herself through dance. Dancing, singing and playing tambú was once forbidden – a taboo. With the solo Ta(m)bu, she honours her ancestors by returning to her roots and by sharing the beauty of her cultural heritage in a highly personal manner.

Junadry Leocaria (Willemstad, 1985) is an eye-catching appearance in the field of the Dutch urban dance theatre. Her professional dance career started at age 18 at ISH Dance Collective, where her love for theatre and the performing arts developed. Junadry is specialized in waacking – a style that plays with characters, emotions and expression. The last couple of years she has been working on her own dance practice as a choreographer, theatre maker, coach and teacher. Choreographing for companies like Festival Classique, ITA, Holland Dance Festival and Korzo. Junadry is a talented key figure in the Dutch urban theatre scene and with her expressive and powerful way of moving she knows how to catch your attention. 

Windows of Displacement - Akeim Toussaint Buck

Issues like migration, home, borders and identity confront us with some of the biggest questions of our time. Akeim Toussaint Buck addresses these and other questions in his new, contemporary dance theatre solo Windows of Displacement. Through a contextual lens of imperialism, colonialism and global displacement, he interweaves a story that speaks to those who are entangled in the consequences of these politics of power and repression.
“It always sounds a bit pompous to describe a show as being ‘important’, but that’s exactly what Windows of Displacement is. The fact that it manages to deliver its message while still being accessible, thought-provoking and immensely uplifting is a tribute to its creator.” – John Murphy Exeunt Magazine 2018
Akeim Toussaint Buck uses his own experience as a migrant from Jamaica to the UK as a catalyst to bring together dance, spoken word and song into a story that is both deeply personal and universal. The audience is immersed into his journey and confronted with humanity’s recent history. Toussaint Buck presents the threads that connect oppression: from trans-Atlantic slave trade to current-day mining and exploitation in Congo, from micro to macro, from past to present. 
Commissioned by Yorkshire Dance Amplified & Northern School of Contemporary Dance through the Northern Connections programme, in partnership with Spin Arts & Leeds Beckett University. With support of Nationale Loterij via Arts Council England.

For the second part of the evening, Alesandra Seutin will present a new work in process A Black Man Art. The result of a short residency with Aurel Zola and Max De Boeck, choreographers and founders of The Revolutionary. This 100% Belgian company that performs with around 15 youngsters made a name for itself in La France a un incroyable talent (France’s got talent). This collaboration with Alesandra is a new artistic step for them.

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