Unfolding an Archive

Zoë Demoustier / Ultima Vez
Wed 02.11.2022 and Thu 03.11.2022
  • 02.11.2022
    20:30 - 21:30
    KVS, Brussels
  • 03.11.2022
    20:30 - 21:30
    KVS, Brussels

In Unfolding an Archive, Zoë Demoustier unfolds a visual archive of 20 years of war reporting. 

The man behind the camera is her father, Daniel Demoustier. The quest for a relation to the visual collection of world events with which she grew up is like a simultaneously far and near movement. In an attempt to reconstruct, she brings the archive to life. She deconstructs the mechanisms hidden behind the archival footage. Gradually, a choreography of poses and gestures arises in a broken timeline of physical memories.

Zoë Demoustier (1995) is a performer and choreographer. The body is always the starting point of her visual performances. From movement, she makes links with current and committed subjects and creates documentary choreographic work. Zoë made the performances nesten (fABULEUS/Anna Bentivegna & Ayrton Fraenk), Road to Nowhere (Forsiti'A/Yelena Schmitz), Born to be wild (Thespikon) and worked as performer and assistant with a.o. Kabinet K, Michiel Vandevelde, Alma Söderberg/Manyone, Iris Bouche/Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, David Weber Krebs and Marcelo Evelin. In 2021, she was ambassador of Dag van de Dans in which she created dance makers of tomorrow in cooperation with De Zendelingen. In 2022 she will start a new collaboration as a choreographer with Ultima Vez.

Unfolding an Archive is her first solo performance for which she made some introductions during her Directing course at RITCS and Cultural Studies at KU Leuven. In the performance, she uses techniques from the mime corporal tradition, which she learned during her studies at the Mime Opleiding in Amsterdam. For Unfolding an Archive she works closely with musician and sound designer Willem Lenaerts.


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