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Sylvie Landuyt is a theatre maker, actress, writer, director, ... and one of the KVS faces. 

Sylvie Landuyt is a born theatre-maker who writes, performs and directs. She created Elle(s), a performance based on the legendary lothario Don Juan. For the text of this performance she won the Walloon ‘Prix de la Critique’ in 2014. A year later, she was appointed as director of the theatre department at the Royal Conservatoire in Bergen. As a French-speaking director, she has purposely chosen KVS: 'I love this language, Dutch. I love this country’s trilingualism, its complexity and its straightforward mentality. For me, being part of KVS means rediscovering my entire identity.'

Her performance Do you wanna play with me?, a KVS and MARS MONS production, premiered in 2018.

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Performances by Sylvie Landuyt