Traces of Proximamente 2021 festival

In this live blog we share additional context information, videos, poems, audience reactions and so much more!

Watch Out for the Latinas! (By Martín Zícari)

It’s the run up to the start of the festival and I wander around the theater trying to make sense of what I see: Latin American artists have taken over the KVS almost by siege. 

LasTesis needs you!

25 November = International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Queridxs amigxs,

Together with a host of Latin American and European organisations and artists, we created PRÓXIMAMENTE: a cooperative platform with a brand-new festival programme. The first edition had overwhelmingly…

The Time Between Us

By invitation of Argentine theatre creator Fernando Rubio, Pitcho Womba Konga, one of the KVS faces, will be leaving his comfort zone to take up residence in a wooden hut on the square behind the thea…

The Arena Rodrigo Case against Contemporary Dance

Rodrigo Arena will carry out a research and development of his new work in progress held between the Bienal Arte Joven Buenos Aires and KVS. 

If I have to be a bitch… (An ode to cringe) by Martín Zícari

If I have to be a bitch (and “bitchy” is possibly my best personality trait) “diaspora” and “collaboration” are two words that make me cringe when discussing Latin American artists in Europe; two word…

‘Hier zijn geen toeschouwers, maar genodigden’: theatermaker ontvangt bezoekers in chalet in hartje Brussel

Vijf dagen lang leeft theatermaker Pitcho Womba Konga in een houten huisje in centrum Brussel. Passanten en genodigden komen hem en petit comité een bezoek brengen tijdens The Time Between Us, een voo…

The Time Between Us: ‘Met deze voorstellingen stel ik mezelf in vraag’

In The Time Between Us gaat acteur Pitcho Womba Konga op zoek naar nieuwe ontmoetingen die zijn blik verruimen. Vijf dagen lang leeft en werkt hij in een houten huisje achter het gebouw van de KVS. Th…

‘Proximamente’, el festival de teatro que podrán disfrutar hasta el próximo domingo en Bruselas

Próximamente significa « pronto » pero también se refiere a la idea de proximidad. Eso es exactamente lo que promete el festival, organizado en la KVS, en Bruselas. Durante cinco días, el teatro flame…

“There is no way to eat the other unless you take a shit before”

A conversation on collaboration and cannibalism with Tamara Cubas. by Martín Zícari


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