The tele-play by KVS & Canvas.

A film by Jaco Van Dormael. 
A play by Michael De Cock.
Directed by Carme Portaceli.


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What happens when a theatre premiere
is postponed because of a pandemic?
You get in touch with Jaco Van Dormael.
And Canvas. 

KVS artistic director Michael De Cock won’t let the dynamics of a buzzing theatre be laid low by a passing virus. He saw the possibilities behind the drama. After two postponed theatre premieres, it was time for another premiere, one that wouldn’t be derailed: a film premiere. The Canvas audience fits perfectly in our empty auditorium.

Gustave Flaubert’s novel about a rebellious doctor’s wife is over 150 years old, but the themes of Madame Bovary are as relevant as ever. Inequality between men and women still persists. As a society, we still struggle with centuries-old, stereotypical patterns. Emma Bovary is a victim of those, but she also rebels against them.

Michael De Cock rewrought the novel for the stage and Catalan director Carme Portaceli brings Madame Bovary to life in a contemporary adaptation that emphasises the story’s persistent relevance today. Maaike Neuville plays Emma Bovary and Koen De Sutter her husband Charles. 

Jaco Van Dormael filmed the play for television broadcast. Theatre, film and television each have their own vocabulary, but having the play performed without an audience gives the filmmaker free rein and lets him break through the boundaries that separate the three media. Film at the theatre. Theatre at home. That’s the ‘tele-play’ Bovary.

In the press

"Regisseur Jaco Van Dormael herwerkte de theatervoorstelling tot een eigenzinnige televisiefilm maar de directheid van Neuvilles monologen en Portaceli's regie komt beter tot zijn recht voor een livepubliek."

De Morgen


Film on demand via saskia.lienard@kvs.be (programmers) or sebastien.parizel@kvs.be (press).

https://vimeo.com/545946592 (FR subs)
​​https://vimeo.com/545946511 (EN subs)


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