Nadine Baboy

Un nouveau souffle

Nadine Baboy was the only KVS face to perform in Just as long as you are there, which offered four dancers the chance to perform a solo through an open call. In Un Nouveau Souffle, Baboy investigates how dance can speak, and how words can be made to dance. She transforms words into movements that breathe new life into a world that has been forcibly holding its breath due to Covid. That way, Un Nouveau Souffle brings light in the darkness. 

Nadine Baboy is a Belgian-Congolese artist with a passion for performance. As a dancer, choreographer, actor and poet, she takes inspiration from artistic and cultural cross-over. She has previously worked on various dance theatre projects that blend movement and word, including KVS and la Monnaie’s musical L’Homme de La Mancha. Her passion for dance translates into a fusion between hip hop, dancehall and contemporary afro-styles. Her powerful texts broach striking themes and link her African roots to her European base. She starts from a writing process that can be both poetic and choreographic.