Conditions concerning the test events

This event is organized by Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg (KVS), Foundation of open utility, Arduinkaai 7, 1000 Brussels, 417.534.817.

Attendance of the event is voluntary and implies unconditional acceptance of current regulations.
KVS reserves the right to change the event or its course if justified by unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond its control. It cannot be held liable if, due to circumstances beyond its control, the event should be interrupted, postponed or cancelled.

To participate, volunteers must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a legal adult
  • Present a valid negative COVID-19 test certificate, as issued by KVS, based on a test taken up to 2 hours before the start time of the event; and show no symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Be willing to have a 2nd COVID-19 test taken in the week after participation, using the activation code provided for this purpose. 

The volunteer confirms their awareness of the risk groups identified by Sciensano. These individuals are at increased risk of serious illness from COVID-19:

  • Persons over 65 years of age
  • Adults with severe obesity
  • Adults with type 2 diabetes combined with overweight and/or high blood pressure and/or cardiovascular disease and/or kidney disease
  • Adults with severe chronic cardiovascular, lung or kidney disease
  • Adults with decreased immunity and/or cancer (under treatment)

The volunteer declares to be aware that KVS strongly discourages non-vaccinated persons belonging to one of the above-mentioned risk groups from participating in the test event.

The volunteer declares to be aware that the event is part of a test phase, aimed at investigating how and under what circumstances cultural events can take place during the corona pandemic. The volunteer undertakes to comply with all safety measures, protocols and instructions of the organisation and/or the relevant authority before, during and after the event and declares to be aware and to accept that these measures, protocols and instructions before, during and after the event can be unilaterally changed by the organisation and/or the relevant authority.

The volunteer declares to be aware of the contagious nature of the coronavirus and of the fact that the virus is spread through person-to-person contact, through contact with contaminated surfaces and objects, and through the air. The volunteer declares to be aware that despite negative test evidence, the organisation cannot rule out the possibility that infections with the coronavirus may still take place. The volunteer declares to accept the risks associated with their participation with the express exclusion of liability for KVS. 

When registering and participating in the event, the Volunteer communicates personal data to the Organiser. The Organiser processes these personal data in accordance with the Belgian “Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data” (Personal Data Protection Act) and from May 2018 in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“Privacy Directive” or “GDPR”).
By registering for the Event, the Volunteers give their consent to the collection and processing of their personal data and to receiving messages from the Organiser.

The responsible party for the processing of your personal data is KVS.
The personal data referred to include the name, first name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the volunteer as well as the name, first name and telephone number of any additional persons for whom a booking is made.
This data is collected with the aim of ensuring the smooth running of the Event, in particular the possibility of contacting the volunteers in the context of contact tracing.
Every volunteer has the right to access, modify and correct or delete their data. This right can be exercised by sending an email via info@kvs.be with a copy of their identity card attached.
All personal data collected in the context of the event will only be used by the Organisation in accordance with the principles and modalities contained under this article. The processed data is not transferred to third parties.