Inside the music: ALI

Grey Filastine, Walid Ben Selim & Brent Arnold
Wed 17.04.2024 18:30 - 20:00
KVS, Brussels
18:30 - 20:00

Find out more about the composition for Ali, during this engaging talk with the composers Grey Filastine, Walid Ben Selim and Brent Arnold.

The music of Ali is the result of a whole new approach to opera composition. In their score, Grey Filastine, Walid Ben Selim and Brent Arnold combine the propulsive power of electro beats and live percussion with the nuance of an orchestral sound and the raw, direct emotion of the human voice. It is music at the crossroads of different styles, influences and modes, able to express the most diverse landscapes and emotional states of Ali’s journey.

A week before opening night, we welcome the three composers for an accessible introductory talk at the KVS TOP. They will introduce you to the world of contemporary opera composition, where the combination of digital software, pre-recorded soundscapes and live music offers limitless possibilities. The evening will end with a convivial reception in the KVS Bar.