Anemone Valcke & Verona Verbakel
Tue 03.12.2024 - Wed 04.12.2024

The Ego is about boundaries. About theirs. About yours. About that of the theater.


By showing its most shameless, dramatic and vulnerable side. The Ego investigates communicating about transgressive behavior. Because addressing transgressive behavior is about being believed.

Judith Godrèche: “Vous savez, pour se croire faut-il être cru.” The Ego rocks in and out of credibility. To make you doubt. What is real? What do you believe? What not? It's up to you to decide.

A creation by Anemone Valcke and Verona Verbakel.

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spel & co-creatie | jeu & co-création | play & co-creation Anemone Valcke & Verona Verbakel Concept Verona Verbakel eindregie | mise en scène | direction Karolien De Bleser dramaturgie | dramaturgy Mieke Versyp vertaling | traduction | translation Joeri Smet kostuums | costumes Tine Verbeurgt beeld | image Alexandra Colmenares coproductie | coproduction KVS met dank aan | remerciements à | with thanks to Theater Aan Zee, KVS, Arenberg, De Grote Post, CC De Steiger, CC Zoetegem & Koortzz