Carme Portaceli / TNC & KVS
Thu 30.01.2025 and Fri 31.01.2025
  • 30.01.2025
    20:00 - 22:00
    KVS, Brussels
  • 31.01.2025
    20:00 - 22:00
    KVS, Brussels

After Mrs. Dalloway and Emma Bovary, the Catalan director Carme Portaceli chooses another iconic woman from world literature to bring to life on stage: Anna Karenina. 

Anna Karenina is the submissive and idealistic wife of a very important politician, Karenin, as well as an affectionate mother. Attracted by a hitherto unknown passion for Vronsky, she abandons her family and her good position, which will cause her to lose her son, Sergey, as well as her own life. 

Faced with the "prison" of the family institution, the life journey of our Karenina is also the process of building her own will in a world in which women have always been subjected to the yoke of men and reduced to a simple body that men have used to satisfy their needs and their sexuality. Once Anna frees herself from the will of her husband and breaks her ties with the society, who is she really for the world and for herself? 

Anna Karenina and the rest of the women of the play, come together on stage to be judged. But first they will explain to us what really happened to them, what they felt (nobody takes it into account, of course), and what drove one of them to commit suicide.


TEKST / TEXTE / TEXT ANNA KARENINA Lev Tolstoi BEWERKING / ADAPTATION Anna Maria Ricart DRAMATURGIE / DRAMATURGY Anna Maria Ricart & Carme Portaceli REGIE / MISE EN SCÈNE / DIRECTION Carme Portaceli DECORONTWERP / CONCEPTION DE DÉCOR / STAGE DESIGN Paco Azorin & Alessandro Arcangeli CHOREOGRAFIE / CHORÉGRAPHIE / CHOREOGRAPHY Ferran Carvajal GELUID & MUZIEK / SON ET MUSIC / SOUND AND MUSIC Jordi Collet GELUIDSONTWERP / CONCEPTION DE SON / SOUND DESIGN Carles Gomez CAST Javier Beltran, Louise Bergez, Aïna Clotet, Jordi Collet, Borja Espinosa, Eduard Farelo, Ariadna Gil, Miriam Moukhles CO-PRODUCTIE / CO-PRODUCTION Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, KVS Brussels, Théâtre des Amandiers-Nanterres, Teatro Nacional Sao Joao de Porto