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Être en Soi, l'espace de dialogue

Awoulath Alougbin
Sat 27.04.2019 16:00 - 17:00
KVS, Brussels
16:00 - 17:00
Past event

Awoulath Alougbin (°1978, Cotonou, Benin) has started working on a new creation with a research period, investigating how certain ritual dances from Benin are linked to the energetic dance Krump.

 “Krump and certain ritual dances from Benin have various elements in common. What drives me in this research is to find and understand the background and the spirit of this dance. I am embarking on an intriguing and profound research process. Ritual percussion can bring us in a heightened state of mind, and the power and elegance of krump makes us journey between various states. With these two entities, we will discover the poetry of the soul, and a state of trance.

Awoulath Alougbin is a dancer and choreographer. After years of service with the National Ballet of Benin she founded her own dance troupe Compagnie AA. In her performances she combines the essence of traditional Yoruba dances with modern dance.

For the Day of Dance, Awoulath is opening the first phase of her creative process to a limited audience at 4pm at KVS.

With the support of the Brussels regional government

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