Lezarts Urbains & KVS
Sun 08.03.2020 15:00 - 22:00
KVS, Brussels
15:00 - 22:00
Past event

Lezarts Urbains and KVS are joining forces for a second time to organise the Festival Lezarts Danses Urbaines, a sample card of the rich landscape of urban dance in Belgium and beyond. All weekend long the festival presents a diverse range of creations, techniques and styles, from brief choreographed excerpts to fully produced shows, from amateur crews and dance acade- mies to up-and-coming artists and professional crews.



"Can she kick it? " Representation and contributions of Femcees to rap culture, in the framework of the publication of « Ladies First” by Sylvain Bertot

16:30 > 22:00 Focus on choreographic shows and hip hop dance creation

+ Battle and Cypher with the Kwanzaa collective 

  • Temps Danses Urbaines [Hip hop]
  • One Nation Crew [Hip hop]
  • Barhal [Hip hop]

Discover the results from the collaborations between choreographer Alesandra Seutin and the selected crew: 

  • Funky Feet Academy [Hip Hop, ragga, breakdance]

Au fil du temps

Creation for 4 Dancers [BE]
Samantha Mavinga, Hendrickx Ntela, Raquel Suarez and Sarah Bidaw - Cie CORPEAURELLES


Excerpt from the creation for 5 dancers [FR]
Carmel Loanga (15 min)

La Robe from The dress on Vimeo.

Battle Astral and Cypher from the Kwanzaa collective 

With DJ Serge from Wanted Groove Collectif and DJ Alex The Cage

The Kwanzaa collective is turning what you think you know about battles upside down! They came up with a new concept, which you will discover live during the festival. The battle is open to all dance styles, but you only dance to house and hip-hop music. Dancers compete one on one in technical tests and challenges. These are aimed at pushing them to the limit in terms of creativity and originality. This way they share their skills and techniques with each other and with the audience.

Another thing that makes the Kwanzaa concept stand out: the preselections take place in the form of a cypher, in which an anonymous jury is present, which selects the finalists. Anyone who wants to take part in the final has to give it all during the first part, without knowing who can send him or her to the final. The cypher is followed by a DJ set.

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