SLOW #02

Quinsy Gario / KVS
Thu 01.06.2017 and Fri 02.06.2017

The world is changing rapidly! Especially in the city with an influx of new people and new forms of art. KVS therefore plans to bring the amazingly inspiring artistic undercurrent of the street to the stage. Which explains SLOW. Through spoken word and urban theatre, SLOW (Slam Our World) gives us a unique artistic perspective of our world. An international guest will be invited to each SLOW session. Following several weeks’ residency in Brussels, he or she will share the KVS stage with local artists, in an attempt, both heroic and vulnerable, to capture the colourful, multi-faceted soul of the city in verse.

SLOW#02 is interested in the political power of the everyday person, the one who you would least expect to be politically disruptive but who has the power to upend the idea’s behind the political and politics. The piece will be a reexamination of the image of collective black presence. Having scores of black and brown bodies on the stage not simply as a menacing presence but an act of joy, of exuberance and resistance to the violent imagery that is connected to us.



SLOW#02 - Quinsy Gario

Quinsy Gario was born in Curaçao and raised in St. Maarten and the Netherlands. He studied Theater, Film and Television Studies at the Utrecht University with a focus on Gender and Postcolonial Studies. He won the Hollandse Nieuwe 12 Theatermakers Prize 2011, the Issue Award 2014, the Amsterdam Fringe Festival Silver Award 2015 and was a finalist in the 2011 Dutch National Poetry Slam Championship.

His most well known work 'Zwarte Piet Is Racisme' critiqued the general knowledge surrounding the racist Dutch figure of Black Pete which he followed up by bringing out into the open the governmental support that keeps the figure alive in the Netherlands. His latest focus is on state protection of the marginalized and political resistance as performance.

He is a boardmember of De Appel Arts Center, member of the pan-African artist collective State of L3 and a recurring participant of the Black Europe Body Politics biannual conference series. His work has been shown in Galleri Image (Denmark), Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen (Belgium), SMART Project Space and Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (Netherlands). He has performed among other places in Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Contact Theater (Manchester) and Ballhaus Naunynstraße (Berlin).


MAKER / CRÉATEUR / CREATOR Quinsy Gario COMPONIST EN UITVOERDER / COMPOSITEUR ET EXÉCUTEUR / COMPOSER AND PERFORMER Jörgen "Unom" Gario TEKST / TEXTE / TEKST Quinsy Gario, Elisabeth Severino Fernandes, Shaka Jean-David, Teresa Dominguez Lenza, Xulio Diaz Anilo, Laina Lusalusa, Dorrie Wilson, Mohamed Mimoun, Anissa Boujdaini, Sihame Hamid En Reem Alfahad SPEL / JEU / CAST Elisabeth Severino, Fernandes, Shaka Jean-David, Daniel Dji, Fayb, Quinsy Gario en vrienden DANSCHOREOGRAFIE / CHORÉGRAPHIE DE DANSE / DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY Fayb ZANG (IMPROVISATIE) / CHANT (IMPROVISATION) / VOCALS (IMPROVISATION) Daniel Dji SCENOGRAFIE / SCÉNOGRAPHIE / SCENOGRAPHY Quinsy Gario DRAMATURGIE / DRAMATURGY Tunde Adefioye ASSISTENTIE DRAMATURGIE / ASSISTANCE DRAMATURGY Hajar Ibnouthen PUBLIEKSWERK / MÉDIATION CULTURELLE / CULTURAL MEDIATION Delphine Somers VERTALING / TRADUCTION / TRANSLATION Isabelle Grynberg, Anne Vanderschuren, Trevor Perri, Sis Matthé PRODUCTIELEIDING / DIRECTEUR DE PRODUCTION / PRODUCTION MANAGER Cinzia Maroni KOSTUUMS / COSTUMES Heidi Ehrhart & Quinsy Gario LICHTONTWERP / CONCEPTION LUMIÈRE / LIGHTING DESIGN Laurence Delafontaine TECHNIEK / TECHNIQUE Nele Druyts, Steven Lorie BOVENTITELING / SURTITRAGE / SURTITLING Inge Floré PRODUCTIE / PRODUCTION KVS WORKSHOP LOCATIE / LOCALISATION WORKSHOP / WORKSHOP LOCATION Le Space MET DANK AAN / REMERCIEMENTS / THANKS TO Rachida Aziz, Johanna Couvée, Selamawit Gudeta, Mathieu Charles, Adinda Vanderzande, Joachim Ben Yakoub, Omar Jabari Salamanca, Heleen Debeucekelaere, Patrick N’siala Kiese, Prof. Sophie Oluwole, Sukina Douglas, Belgian Renaissance, Black Speaks Back, Next Generation Speaks