Lecture Marianella Morena

Marianella Morena (UY)
Proximamente Festival
Thu 28.11.2019 17:00 - 18:00
KVS, Brussels
17:00 - 18:00
Past event

Marianella Morena is a playwright, director, lecturer and columnist. Within the Uruguayan scene, she’s one of the artists with the highest international acclaim. Her work is programmed and shown in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, the United States, Spain, Germany, France, Paraguay, Chile and Mexico. She is involved in research in Uruguay, Argentina, North-America, Italy, France and Cuba. Marianella works with classical plays around personal and political themes, in search of truthfulness. She exposes issues and uses the economic crisis to develop her own language, which she herself calls ‘the capitalisation of adversity’. Concerned with the current context and times, Marianella creates political projects in which she puts social, genderrelated and Latin American issues in the limelight in a contemporary way. She is regularly invited for direction and writing commissions, both by public and private institutions in Uruguay and beyond.

Marianella champions the disclosure of alternative spaces for theatre: she organises living room theatre in her own house and travelling paratheatrical projects.

She fulfilled cultural management functions on a national and local level, for instance as the director of artistic culture for the department of Canelones (Uruguay). In France, she was twice awarded the Molière-prize, in Spain she was twice honoured by the cultural centre of Spain, the University of Buenos Aires presented her with the award for Best Foreign Performance and she was twice nominated for the Argentinian ACE Critics Awards. From the Uruguayan public broadcaster, she received the BUHO-award. 

Marianella began her acting training in Uruguay and later specialised in Poland, France and Argentina. As a creator, she received national scholarships and public subsidies for her artistic creations and development trajectories. She gave lectures at universities all over the world and worked as a lecturer for various institutions, among which the Actor School, EMAD, TUD, Escuela Musical and private workshops in Uruguay and abroad. 29 shows and and 25 theatre texts are written by her, among which Don Juan, El Lugar del Beso, Las Julietas, Antígona Oriental (with a chorus of 20 different political beliefs on stage), No daré hijos, daré versos, Rabiosa Melancolía, Ella sobre Ella, Bombardeo, BICENTENARIA (a performance with 200 women - untrained, except for 6 professional actresses - on a square in Lima, Peru). In October 2019, she created Enemigo del pueblo with Comedia Nacional and Teatro Solís.

Finally, she is also a columnist for the magazine VOCES and for Portal de Escaramuza. Her theatre texts were published in Uruguay, Spain, Cuba and Mexico, and recently, they were translated into French for the first time. In 2019, NATURE TRANS will premiere on  FIBA (the theatre festival of Buenos Aires). It’s a show in which trans girls speak out on stage. For 2020, she will lead a few projcts in Spain.