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Dale Wasserman, Mitch Leigh & Joe Darion / Jacques Brel, Michael De Cock & Junior Mthombeni / KVS, De Munt/La Monnaie & Théâtre De Liège

4 October 1968. At La Monnaie in Brussels, the American musical Man of La Mancha – with book by Dale Wasserman, music by Mitch Leigh and lyrics by Joe Darion – premieres, translated to French by none other than Jacques Brel, with Brel himself in the lead role.

Ten years later, on 9 October 1978, the world-famous Brussels chansonnier dies. Only once throughout his impressive career did Jacques Brel adopt another artist's work - for L’Homme de La Mancha because he loves the musical so much, and strongly identifies with Cervantes’ legendary hero Don Quixote.

Half a century later KVS, La Monnaie and Théâtre de Liège unite to reinterpret Cervantes’ and Brel’s masterpiece for the city of tomorrow and today. Michael De Cock and Junior Mthombeni direct a strong cast, including lauded Brel-performer Filip Jordens, soprano Ana Naqe and actor François Beukelaers. 

An ode to Brel and to Brussels, to imagination, to poetry and to the impossible dreams that our times so yearn for. 'Despite its explosive staging all the way through, this performance anything but bombs. It’s unexpected, poetic, and has a masterful finish.' We cannot say it better than the radio programme Entrez sans frapper (RTBF).

Last season L'Homme de La Mancha enjoyed standing ovations in Madrid and Montevideo.

Is part of the parcours:
En français s'il vous plaît


MAN OF LA MANCHA HANDELING / MAN OF LA MANCHA LIVRET / MAN OF LA MANCHA WRITTEN BY Dale Wasserman MUZIEK / MUSIQUE / MUSIC Mitch Leigh SONGTEKST / PAROLES / LYRICS BY Joe Darion ORIGINELE CREATIE / CRÉATION ORIGINALE / ORIGINAL PRODUCTION DIRECTED BY Albert Marre, Anta Washington Square Theatre, New York, 22.11.1965 FRANSE VERTALING & BEWERKING / TRADUCTION & ADAPTATION EN FRANÇAIS / TRANSLATED & ADAPTED BY Jacques Brel CREATIE / CRÉATION / CREATION De Munt | La Monnaie, Brussel | Bruxelles, 4.10.1968 MUZIKALE LEIDING & BEWERKING / DIRECTION MUSICALE & ARRANGEMENT / CONDUCTOR & MUSICAL ARRANGEMENT Bassem Akiki REGIE / MISE EN SCÈNE / DIRECTION Michael De Cock & Junior Mthombeni DRAMATURGIE / DRAMATURGY Gerardo Salinas SCENOGRAFIE / SCÉNOGRAPHIE / SET DESIGN Eugenio Szwarcer VIDEO Hernán Pablo Curioni, Lien De Trogh, Eugenio Szwarcer LICHTCREATIE / CONCEPTION LUMIÈRES / LIGHTING DESIGN Gérard Maraite KOSTUUMS / COSTUMES Sabina Kumeling MURGA COACH Edù Lombardo UITGEVOERD DOOR / INTERPRÉTÉ PAR / PERFORMED BY Junior Akwety, Nadine Baboy, François Beukelaers, Gwendoline Blondeel (Lid Mm Academy), Geoffrey Degives, Pierre Derhet, Bertrand Duby, Raphaële Green (Mm Academy Laureate), Christophe Herrada, Gema Hernandez, Chaib Idrissi, Filip Jordens, Edù Lombardo, Ana Naqe, Laura Telly Cambier, Enrique Kike Noviello, Emma Posman MUZIEK ENSEMBLE / ENSEMBLE MUSICAL / MUSIC ENSEMBLE Francesco Barone, Anthony Blondeau, Geraldine Clément, Jean-Pierre Dassonville, Claire-Sarah Fouché, Diego Hernández Torres, Jona Kesteleyn, Pascal Moreau, Ramiro Neguiero Blanco, Dirk Noyen, Tom Pipeleers, Leolun Planchon Leblanc, Gert-Jan Schoup, Wim Van Volsem ARTISTIEKE PRODUCTIE / PRODUCTION ARTISTIQUE / ARTISTIC PRODUCTION Daniel Cordova PRODUCTIELEIDER / DIRECTEUR DE PRODUCTION / PRODUCTION MANAGER Nadia El Mahi TECHNISCHE PRODUCTIE & TONEELMEESTER / PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE & REGIE DE PLATEAU / TECHNICAL PRODUCTION & STAGE MANAGER Nele Druyts TECHNIEK / TECHNIQUE Margareta Andersen (licht/lumières/lighting), Pier Gallen (video), Maarten Mees (geluid/son/sound), Ralf Nonn (scene/plateau/stage), Christophe Geens, Laurens Ingels (geluid/son/sound) DECORBOUW / CONSTRUCTION DÉCOR / SET BUILDING NTGent commissioned by Théâtre De Liège ASSISTENT DIRIGENT / ASSISTANT DIRECTION MUSICALE / ASSISTANT CONDUCTOR Rafal Kloczko ASSISTENTIE KOSTUUMS & KLEEDSTER / ASSISTANT COSTUMES & HABILLEUSE / COSTUME ASSISTANT & DRESSER Heidi Ehrhart, Nancy Colman REPETITORS Maarten Lingier, David Miller REGIE-ASSISTENTIE & BOVENTITELING / ASSISTANTE À LA MISE EN SCÈNE & SURTITRAGE / ASSISTANT DIRECTOR & SURTITLING Inge Floré VERTALING / TRADUCTION / TRANSLATION Martine Bom (FR>NL), Claire Tarring (FR>EN), David Ferré (FR>ES) PRODUCTIE / PRODUCTION KVS COPRODUCTIE / COPRODUCTION De Munt / La Monnaie, Théâtre De Liège, DC&J Création, Teatro Español (Madrid), Instituto Cervantes, Instituto Nacional De Artes Escénicas Del Uruguay, Dirección De Cultura De La Intendencia De Montevideo, Cultural Services Of The Embassy Of Spain In Belgium MET DE STEUN VAN / AVEC LE SUPPORT DE / WITH THE SUPPORT OF De Taxshelter van de Belgische Federale Overheid MAN OF LA MANCHA IS PRESENTED BY ARRANGEMENT WITH THE MUSICAL COMPANY, LP, 214 SULLIVAN STREET, STE. 4, NEW YORK, NY, 10012-1354. WWW.THEMUSICALCOMPANY.COM PHONE: (212) 598-2204. EMAIL: INFO@THEMUSICALCOMPANY.COM
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