Thu 16.01.2020 19:00 - 20:00

Conference Revolution Rap - Une histoire Africaine

19:00 - 20:00
  • 16.01.2020
    19:00 - 20:00
    KVS, Brussel

What do rap and Africa have to do with each other? And what is the significance of rap worldwide today? Get involved in the debate with a.o. Abdoulaye Niang, Smokey and Alain Lapiower and then take a look at the expo Revolution Rap!

Some forty years since it emerged halfway the seventies, ‘hiphop’ has become a  household name. Rap, more than the other disciplines within hiphop, was picked up and further disseminated into mass cultures, which makes the discipline look increasingly disconnected from its original principles (non-violence, solidarity, openness towards the Other…).

Although many American artists claim ownership, rap originated on the African continent, within African cultures, and the first real rap formations saw the light of day in the capital cities of Africa. Meanwhile, rap has evolved to a gigantic movement and in the past twenty years, the genre accompanied all sorts of struggles and social changes. 

To open the expo Revolution Rap in a festive way, the Coopération par l'Éducation et la Culture (CEC) organizes this conference, where different trains of thought will be discussed. Different speakers, such as Abdoulaye Niang, Smokey and Alain Lapiower will enter into a debate about the relationship between Africa and rap, charting its genesis and a variety of global actors.

Is part of the parcours:
Congolisation 2019


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