Koper & Vel

Zonzo Compagnie & HOP FROG fanfare
Sun 15.11.2020 16:00 - 16:50
KVS, Brussels
16:00 - 16:50
Past event

For the occasion of Children’s Day of Arts, KVS in collaboration with BRONKS and La Montagne Magique presents Koper & Vel. This performance is part of Ménage à deux, a Belgian theatre party for all ages, presented at various Brussels locations between 11 and 15 November 2020.

Koper & Vel is an ode to the marching band in sound and imagery. Sometimes a festive invitation to dance, sometimes a solemn hymn or a note of comfort during a mourning procession. Marching band music carries us through the rituals of life – it is the sound of life itself. On stage we see two percussionists and seven brass players: nine musical virtuosos and character actors who broaden the concept of a marching band in every direction. They sound grotesque and absurd, solemn and sober, or lose themselves in strange dance steps. But they are always real: full of breath, sweat, and rhythms that make you want to move. 

Director/choreographer Randi De Vlieghe and the HOP FROG marching band from Borgerhout present a universal musical story for a broad audience, about man, his hubris, his cruelty, his gentleness, his vulnerability, his flexibility and his lust for life. A rousing theatre concert without words, which makes you want to quiet down and scream with pleasure all at once!


SCENOGRAFIE / SCÉNOGRAPHIE / SET DESIGN Randi De Vlieghe COMPOSITIES / COMPOSTIONS Bert Bernaerts & Koen Bollen KOSTUUMS / COSTUMES Isa Janssens BEELD / IMAGE Stephan Vanfleteren MUZIKALE UITVOERING / MUSIQUE / MUSIC HOP FROG Fanfare: Tim Coenen (bass drum + guitar) | Tijl Piryns (snare drum, composition) | Glen De Jonghe (souzaphone) | Loes Minnebo (trombone) | Bert Bernaerts (trumpet, composition) | Peppi Pepermans (alto saxophone) | Hanne De Backer (baritone saxophone, composition) | Koen Bollen (soprano sax, composition) | Mario Conjaerts (trumpet) PRODUCTIE / PRODUCTION Zonzo Compagnie COPRODUCTIE / COPRODUCTION HOP FROG Fanfare MET DE STEUN VAN / AVEC L'APPUI DE / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Vlaanderen