Thu 28.01.2021 - Fri 29.01.2021


Lola Arias

Lola Arias, world renowned Argentinian writer, visual artist, performer and director, welcomes you onto a film set – or is it a time machine? – into which she has catapulted veterans of the past. They reconstruct memories of their war and its aftermath. The only thing the men have in common, is that they are all veterans. But what is a veteran? A survivor, a hero, a madman? 

Minefield investigates the traces the Falklands War left behind, but also the relationship between experience and fiction and the thousand possible ways to give memory shape. 

Lola Arias confronts various visions of war with one another and unites former enemies to tell one story, all together.

This documentary theatre performance, which evokes a rare and moving humanity, toured worldwide and was amply praised. The performance will be showed for the last time at KVS.

Meet the veterans

Lou Armour was on the cover of every newspaper when the Argentines captured him on 2 April. Today he is a teacher for children with special needs.

Rubén Otero survived the ARA General Belgrano shipwreck – the ship was torpedoed by a British nuclear submarine – and now plays in a Beatles tribute band.

David Jackson intercepted and transcribed radio codes during the war. Today he listens to other veterans’ stories in his psychology practice. 

Gabriel Sagastume refused to fire a gun as a soldier and is a criminal justice lawyer today.

Sukrim Rai was part of the Ghurkha brigade, a division of men from Nepal and West-Bengal who served the British army. He knew his way around a knife like no one else, and works as a guard now.

Marcelo Vallejo was a mortar marksman during the war. Today he is a triathlon champion. 


GESCHREVEN & GEREGISEERD DOOR / ÉCRIT & MISE EN SCÈNE PAR / WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY Lola Arias MET / AVEC / WITH Lou Armour, David Jackson, Gabriel Sagastume, Ruben Otero, Sukrim Rai, Marcelo Vallejo ONDERZOEK & PRODUCTIE / RECHERCHE & PRODUCTION / RESEARCH & PRODUCTION Sofia Medici, Luz Algranti DECOR / DÉCOR / SET DESIGN Mariana Tirantte MUZIEK / MUSIQUE / MUSIC Ulises Conti LICHT / LUMIÈRES / LIGHTING David Seldes VIDEO / VIDÉO Martin Borini REGIE GELUID / RÉGIE SON / SOUND DIRECTION Roberto Pellegrino, Ernesto Fara KOSTUUMS / COSTUMES Andy Piffer ONDERZOEKSASSISTENT UK / ASSISTANT RECHERCHE UK / RESEARCH ASSISTANT UK Kate O’Connor FIRST COMMISSIONED BY LIFT Festival COPRODUCTIE / COPRODUCTION Brighton Festival, Royal Court Theatre, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Theaterformen, Le Quai Angers, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Maison des Arts de Créteil, Humain Trop Humain / CDN de Montpellier
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