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Mon 05.10.2020 - Sun 11.10.2020

Op een bankje, op een dag

Maaike Neuville & Roy Aernouts / KVS

A man and a woman meet each other on a bench. 20 years ago, as blood brothers, they agreed they would reunite here today. In the meantime, their lives have flown by. What do they still share?

Will they manage to celebrate the fleetingness of life? To not let each other go but not hold on too tight either? Their reunion confronts them with their doubts, frustrations and longings-despite-everything.

Op een bankje, op een dag is a text for two actors, written by Maaike Neuville for herself and Roy Aernouts. They are no strangers themselves: they previously appeared together in Maaike Neuville’s play Twee mensen praten…misschien (2010). Ten years later, they broach this second part of their trilogy about love. This time the protagonists try to slyly circumnavigate their fears of commitment and abandonment by agreeing to not see each other for twenty years.

The performance investigates, with a light sense of absurdity, whether it is possible for a person to be truly free while entering into a relationship with another. Every evening, on the cosy square behind the theatre, Maaike and Roy will be surrounded by different musicians. They provide a musical structure and enrich each performance with an unexpected soundtrack.


According to the weather forecast it will be cold and wet. The performance will continue outside in light rain. So make sure to dress warmly and bring a raincoat. Umbrellas are not allowed. If the rain is too intense, the performance will take place indoors. This will only be decided that day.


VAN & MET / DE & AVEC / BY & WITH Maaike Neuville & Roy Aernouts TEKST / TEXTE / TEXT Maaike Neuville EEN LIED / UNE CHANSON / A SONG Roy Aernouts MUZIKANTEN / MUSICIENS / MUSICIANS Jason Dousselaere (KVS), Jonas De Meester (Aalst), Gregory Frateur (OLT) LICHTONTWERP / CONCEPTION LUMIÈRE / LIGHT DESIGN Bas Devos PRODUCTIE / PRODUCTION KVS PRODUCTIELEIDING / DIRECTEUR DE PRODUCTION / PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Miek Scheers TECHNIEK / TECHNIQUE Gert Van Hyfte (geluid/son/sound), Mohamed Sultan (licht/lumières/lighting) BOVENTITELING / SURTITRAGE / SURTITLING Inge Floré VERTALING / TRADUCTION / TRANSLATION Anne Vanderschueren (FR), Trevor Perri (EN)
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