Save me a Spot

Axelle Verkempinck
Thu 01.07.2021 20:30 - 22:00
KVS, Brussels
20:30 - 22:00
Past event

Save Me a Spot is a performance about navigating a society geared towards rivalry. About masculinity, spiritual awakening, responsibility and longing. Three actors try to break loose from the roles cast upon them.

The performance was created by the new collective ‘les Bakonzi’, directed by Axelle Verkempinck. The performance was created as part of a master’s dissertation at RITCS. Les Bakonzi are Prince K. Appiah, Uriah Havertong and Rinaldy Kanguvu. 

3 men wait
Before an audition
To get a chance
For fear to disappear
For love
For death
For life
For a hero
For themselves and each other

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DIRECTION & SCENOGRAPHY Axelle Verkempinck WITH Prince K. Appiah, Uriah Havertong, Rinaldy Kanguvu TECHNIC & SCENOGRAPHY Tom Van Den Brande, Liam Van Belle, Guust Sambaer PRODUCTION MANAGER Tim Vermorgen COACHING Pitcho Womba Konga COACHING DRAMATURGY Bart Capelle WITH THANKS TO Dirk Verstockt, Sanja Mitrovic, Hendrik De Smedt, Saskia Lauwaard, Royal Institute Of Theater, Cinema And Sound & Gc De Kriekelaar