How to turn to stone

Manuela Infante (CL)
Thu 25.11.2021 and Fri 26.11.2021

What would it look like to have a piece that behaves like a stone? What would a mineral play be like? What could arise from the process of imitating those who have never been born, will never grow, and never die? 

In a world where concepts such as growth, progress and development are central to the dominant political and economic frameworks, rocks may shed critical light on how this current rhetoric of life – and the living –  functions as a sort of bio-normativism: LIFE as a norm that exerts its specific forms of oppression and exploitation. How to Turn to Stone looks closely at the attunement of laboring bodies with geological formations and their shared histories of extraction and exhaustion.

Stones, as ‘non-living’ things, can model a different type of resistance. The team behind How to Turn to Stone uses bits of eroded narrative and compresses them, like layers of sediment. They create a ‘mineral’ performance that tells you something about what is written in stone, and also what of stones is written in us. Bits of eroded stories become landscapes, which Manuela Infante stacks upon each other through looping and sound landscaping, like geological layers of stone, coming together into a rough … something.

For this edition of PROXIMAMENTE we are teaming up with Kaaitheater, you can go watch this performance in their hall.

Manuela Infante is a world-renowned Chilean theatre creator, known to the KVS public from her previous creations Estado Vegetal and Metamorphoses. For many years she has been investigating how the boundaries between the human and non-human are fabricated, in order to subsequently tear them down. In Estado Vegetal she plays with intelligence and communication within the plant world, in Realismo she rattles our ingrained ideas about objects and in Metamorphoses she questions whether a voice is an exclusively human prerogative. With How to Turn to Stone she continues down this path and immerses herself in mineral matters.

We are also made of stone and we can be mined too.


WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY Manuela Infante CAST Aliocha de la Sotta, Marcela Salinas, Rodrigo Pérez DESIGN Rocío Hernández TECHNICAL MANAGER & VISUALS Pablo Mois PRODUCTION Carmina Infante SOUND DESIGN Manuela Infante VISUALS DESIGN & LIGHT-SOUND PROGRAMMING Alex Waghorn CHOREOGRAPHY Diana Carvajal SOUND TRACKS Valentina Villarroel SOUND TECHNICIAN Diego Betancourt SOUND TECHNICAL DESIGN Gonzalo Rodriguez RESEARCH & DRAMATURGY Camila Valladares COPRODUCED BY Centro Cultural Matucana 100, Fundación Teatro a Mil, Centro NAVE and Parque Cultural de Valparaíso WITH THE SUPPORT OF Dirección de Asuntos Culturales del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores Chile (Dirac)