Spring Symposium

Open Debat Ouvert & KVS
Future-oriented symposium on Covid and pandemic policy
Wed 23.03.2022 and Thu 24.03.2022
  • 23.03.2022
    09:00 - 18:00
    KVS, Brussels
  • 24.03.2022
    13:00 - 18:00
    KVS, Brussels

How dangerous is Omicron still?
Are there still new variants?
What about our young people? What about risk groups?
Does CST interfere with our fundamental rights?
What about psychological wellbeing?
Can we go out and enjoy culture safely, and how?
Will we have to be boosted every year?
What about international vaccine inequality?
How do we arm ourselves against future crises?
What role should scientists play?
What is the role of the media?

Almost two years to the day after the first lockdown, scientists and other prominent figures gather at the Spring Symposium to discuss these and other important questions. Constructive, future-oriented, respectful, and open.
The speakers come from a variety of disciplines, from home and abroad, and include people who have been close to the policy as well as people who have followed it from a distance.

On the programme

On Wednesday 23 March the Spring Symposium will start with a full day programme of technical-academic sessions in KVS. On Thursday 24 March the symposium addresses the broad, interested audience and will feature debates and speakers interspersed with a performance by Sioen and a slam intervention by Lisette Ma Neza. 
A detailed programme will be published on lentesymposium.net in the coming days. Do you want to be there physically? Then buy your ticket here on the website. Virtual participation will be free of charge, via lentesymposium.net

Wednesday 23.03.2022 

Have confirmed their attendance: Michael Absoud, Bert Blocken, Elise Braekman, Pedro Facon, Inez Germeys, Shamez Ladhani, Reitske Meganck, Geert Meyfroidt, Alasdair Munro, Erik Schokkaert, Remco van de Pas, Anne-Mieke Vandamme, Nicolas Vermeulen, Lander Willem,...

Thursday 24.03.2022 

Have confirmed their arrival: Souad Abihi, Cathy Berx, Jeroen Bossaert, Laura Cornelissen, Kristof De Witte, Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert, Laurens Lavrysen, Nancy Libert, Dave Sinardet, Peter Verlinden, Caroline Vrijens,...

With performances by: Sioen and Lisette Ma Neza.


Woensdag 23 maart, 10u-18u00: Academische sessies, €45 inc. lunch en koffie

Donderdag 24 maart, 13u-18u00: Programma voor het brede publiek, €15 inc. koffie


SESSIE ORGANISATOREN / ORGANISATEURS DE SESSION / SESSION ORGANIZERS Bart Criel, Tijl De Bie, Koen Deforche, Reitske Meganck, Caroline Weydert, Thomas Gevaert, Rik Torfs, Ivan Van de Cloot, Anne-Mieke Vandamme, Remco van de Pas, Peter Verlinden, Joris Vlieghe MODERATOREN / MODÉRATEURS / MODERATORS Tinneke Beeckman, Tijl De Bie, Zeger Debyser, Koen Deforche, Thomas Gevaert, Reitske Meganck, Remco van de Pas, Rik Torfs PRAKTISCHE EN GLOBALE COÖRDINATIE / COORDINATION PRATIQUE ET GLOBALE / PRACTICAL AND GLOBAL COORDINATION Tijl De Bie, Michael De Cock, Bert De Munck, Catherine Gysels, Winne Jacobs, Ann Kermans, Herwig Mannaert, Peter Petré, Ellen Schoenaerts EEN INITIATIEF VAN / UNE INITIATIVE DE / AN INITIATIVE OF OPEN DEBAT OUVERT