Scattered Memories

Ultima Vez
Thu 03.11.2022 - Sat 05.11.2022

Ultima Vez celebrates its 35th anniversary. Hooray!

35 years, that’s how much time has passed since the first premiere in Harlem of What The Body Does Not Remember, a title that is still poignant in this anniversary year. To celebrate the occasion, Ultima Vez is creating an exceptional performance with a group of marvellous people with whom Wim Vandekeybus has worked throughout those wonderful years.

Scattered Memories will be an evening that honours the work of Wim Vandekeybus in several forms: dance, spoken word and film. The choreographer and artist looks back over his shoulder at the past and the multitude of works he has created, from dance to film and theatre to performance – but he also looks ahead to the future. Scenes are deconstructed, new ones are created and others are turned inside out. Old becomes new and new becomes old, the future will hunt the past!


You are invited to come and dance with us in the foyer on Saturday 5 November after the performance of Scattered Memories! At this banging afterparty, SHAFT CREW will be blasting tunes until 1am!
Disco Is The Cure. That’s the motto SHAFT Crew has been using for years to fire up many a dancefloor. From boogie to italo, from bubblegum to HI-NRG: feel-good grooves have no boundaries. Every other week the collective gets Bruzz Radio’s Saturday night programme going with the newest tracks as well as the latest discoveries from the vintage fair. Better dust off those velvet bell bottoms and grease up your shoes!


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