Theater Utrecht, Toneelhuis Antwerpen, Orkater & St. Naomi Velissariou
Fri 18.11.2022 20:00 - 21:50
KVS, Brussels
20:00 - 21:50
Past event

A tragedy set to techno and trap. A theatrical bacchanal. Lanoye’s Atropa the way it was meant to be: a linguistic celebration set to music, in honour of contemporary gods.

In Atropa, the taboos of a generation, characterized by its thirst for emancipation, are sung in a language she understands best: that of pumping beats and razor-sharp poetry. Atropa tells the story of the war for Troy and unites the classical and the contemporary in terms of theme as well as language. Writer Tom Lanoye transformed the age-old story of the struggle between East and West into a critique of contemporary imperialism. The war waged by men in Atropa is at the expense of the woman, who loses child, love, body and ground to her oppressor. Greek women come face to face with Trojan women, who after the occupation of their city prefer death to a life of oppression. At the end of the war, it is up to the only man to convincingly defend the values of the survivors.
Atropa is a bacchanal of language and music in which the struggle for power gives way to a celebration of vulnerability. For their directorial debut as makers on the big stage, Naomi Velissariou and Floor Houwink ten Cate convert the stage into an arena of musical violence and visual spectacle. In Dennis Vanderbroeck's scenography, the audience comes within easy reach of the tragedy. Lanoye's ultra-rhythmic stabs of language are matched by the sound design of Joost Maaskant and Jimi Zoet, which varies between the genres of techno, doom and hardcore to hip hop, trap and drill. The costumes of MAISON the FAUX turn the battlefield into a female death fashion show. 

* Intersectionality is the phenomenon that "social inequality occurs along different axes that intersect"; the notion that individuals in a society experience oppression based on a multitude of factors.

Atropa. The revenge of peace. was written in 2008 by Tom Lanoye and premiered that same year at the Avignon festival, directed by Guy Cassiers. In 2012, Lanoye won the prize for stage texts, because in Atropa he "searches for the roots of the evil called war and violence" and thereby "analyzes the game of power", according to the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature. In the version by Velissariou and Houwink ten Cate, Atropa is a tragedy as it is intended: a linguistic celebration to music, in honor of contemporary gods.

'The paradox of peace is that it must be conquered. With violence.'

Tom Lanoye


You are invited to come and dance with us in the foyer after the performance of Atropa! At this banging afterparty, Kitoko will be blasting tunes until 1am!

Kitoko - Born and raised in the North of Brussels, where she has spent most of her time growing up in the neighborhood of La Cite Modèle. From a young age her parents introduced her to the world of music by exposing her to a broad range of musical genres such as funk, world music, jazz, … During her teenage years, Kitoko started going out, exploring all corners Brussels nightlife had to offer. It is during this time that her love for electronical music was born. Since 2017 Kitoko has been producing and mixing her own electronical sounds, influencing the Brussels musical scene with eclectic music, infused by her cultural heritage. In her musical selection you will find a mix of deep house/afro house/tech house and techno.


SPEL / JEU / PERFORMANCE Annelinde Bruijs, Thibaud Dooms, Denise Jannah, Vanja Rukavina, Jasmine Sendar / Adanna Unigwe, ‘Ntianu Stuger, Naomi Velissariou, Megan de Kruijf (stand-in) TEKST / TEXTE / TEXT Tom Lanoye REGIE, CONCEPT & SPEL / MISE EN SCÈNE, CONCEPT & JEU / DIRECTION, CONCEPT & PLAY Naomi Velissariou REGIE / MISE EN SCÈNE / DIRECTION Floor Houwink ten Cate REGIE-ASSISTENT/ ASSISTANT·E À LA MISE EN SCÈNE / ASSISTANT TO THE DIRECTOR Anne Liket DRAMATURGIE / DRAMATURGY Nita Kersten MUZIEK / MUSIQUE / MUSIC Joost Maaskant, Jimi Zoet SCENOGRAFIE / SCÉNOGRAPHIE / SCENOGRAPHY Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck LICHTONTWERP / CONCEPTION LUMIÈRE / LIGHTING DESIGN Tim van ’t Hof KOSTUUMONTWERP / CONCEPTION COSTUMES / COSTUME DESIGN MAISON the FAUX GELUIDSONTWERP / CONCEPTION SON / SOUND DESIGN Sander van der Werff COPRODUCTIE / COPRODUCTION Theater Utrecht, Toneelhuis Antwerpen, Orkater, De Grote Post en Stichting Naomi Velissariou en wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds en Ammodo