Theater Malpertuis / theater arsenaal
Wed 25.10.2023 20:30 - 22:00
KVS, Brussels
20:30 - 22:00

In 2017, theatre creator Mokhallad Rasem resided in the asylum centre in Menen for six weeks by invitation of Theater Malpertuis. He interviewed and created portraits of its residents. For Gelukszoekers, Rasem equally wants to use interviews to let people tell their stories – but this time the whole world is his source of inspiration. 

With a microphone and camera at the ready, Rasem addresses humanity: ‘What is happiness to you? What makes happiness? How do you interpret it? Should we strive for it or not? Does it require effort, perhaps even a transformation to obtain happiness? Or is it about letting go? Can we also be content with unhappiness?’

After the series of interviews, Mokhallad and actor Charlotte Vandermeersch dive into the rehearsal room, in order to create – using the gathered materials – the ultimate play about the art of happiness.

‘Happiness is a second that wants to be eternity.’

Gerrit Komrij


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