Season's opening 2019

© Delphine Somers

KVS is kicking off the 2019-2020 season with many voices and in style! On Wedensday 25 September we’d like to welcome you for a new mural by Farm Prod accompanied by an urban dance performance, an opera performance in BOL and a brilliant mixture of dance traditions in BOX. We’ll start the party from 5:30 pm, and continue into early morning!


17:30 Drinks + streetfood

18:30 Mural (FarmProd) + La Danse des Anges rebelles (Cie No Way Back)

19:00 Show me Yours (I'll Show You Mine) / KVS

19:30 Le Silence des Ombres / Benjamin Attahir, La Monnaie & KVS

22:00 - 02:00 Party time


The party will get underway at 6.30pm with the visual artists Farm Prod, the urban dancers of the Detours Festival and the company No Way Back. Farm Prod will be revealing its fourth and last mural on the balcony of Café Congo, inspired this time by Flemish master Pieter Brueghel the Elder. The urban dancers will be taking over KVS BOL with their project De Dans van de Rebelse Engelen. This means they will also be welcoming the audience who come to see the world premiere of Le Silence des Ombres by Benjamin Attahir, commissioned by La Monnaie (8pm).


Le Silence des Ombres is an operatic adaptation of Trois Petits Drames pour Marionnettes, written by the only Belgian Nobel Prize winner ever Maurice Maeterlinck, considered one of the pioneers of 20th-century theatre. Each part of the triptych is different from the others, but they share a sense of silence and stifled screams, of the invisible and claire-obscure, together responsible for a constant flow of visual and auditory stimuli. The French composer Benjamin Attahir is accompanied by plenty of young talent and will conduct the La Monnaie Chamber Orchestra himself for this premiere.


The experimental neighbourhood hangout Tropicana will welcome the performance Other Enter by Einat Tuchman, in collaboration with Doha Jaadi (7pm). Two women talk about their experience with a project in the Haven neighbourhood in Molenbeek. One is fifty years old, the other sixteen. One has Israeli roots, the other Moroccan. One was born and raised in Molenbeek, the other ‘immigrated’ there three years ago. What connects them is their dream to create a utopic place for everyone. ‘Espacetous’, a place where all the different cultures can meet, get to know each other, and discover how they can support and amplify each other with their respective stores of knowledge.


KVS BOX will be turned into a giant cypher for the participative dance spectacle Show me yours (I’ll show you mine) by Delphine Somers and Awoulath Alougbin. It will be a generous dance celebration, in which different styles dance among and with each other, from jumpstyle to dabke, lindy hop, pop & lock, reggaeton and many more. Everyone is invited on the dancefloor during a dance party that is set to continue into the early hours of morning.

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