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Einat Tuchman
Wed 25.09.2019 and Sat 18.04.2020
  • 25.09.2019
    19:00 - 20:00
    Tropicana, Brussel
  • 18.04.2020
    14:00 - 15:00
    KVS, Brussels

Imagine you live in a neighborhood that is not in the centre of the city but kind of on the outskirts. It's a multicultural neighborhood, very busy, where people are constantly crossing one another but hardly interact or mix.

And you are an artist and you think to your self “What can I do to change that ? Can my artistic practice bring people more together?“

Imagine you don’t live in the centre of the city, but in a neighbourhood on the outskirts. A multicultural neighbourhood – very busy – where people constantly cross paths, but rarely come into contact with one another or intermingle. And you? You are an artist and think to yourself: what can I do to bring change here? Can my artistic practice help me bring people closer together?

For the last few years Einat Tuchman has been working in Molenbeek around the Square des Libérateurs / Bevrijderssquare. After much insistence and through her display of unstoppable energy, she gains permission to make use of a basement space in a neighbourhood hangout. It becomes ‘Espacetous’. Everyone is welcome to come and chat, work or simply stop by. Local girl Doha is a regular visitor. Together with her Einat created this performance, which talks about the issues and efforts involved in realising neighbourhood projects, and about how, despite heavy resistance but thanks to her unbridled efforts, she manages to create a context for ordinary people to simply be themselves.

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REGIE / MISE EN SCENE / DIRECTION Einat Tuchman PERFORMANCE Doha Jaadi, Einat Tuchman DRAMATURGIE / DRAMATURGY Tom Viaene SCENOGRAFIE / SCÉNOGRAPHIE / SET DESIGN Khaled Barghouthi TEKENING / DESSIN / DRAWING An Wittevrongel KOSTUUM / COSTUME Maryam Ouasine COPRODUCTIE / COPRODUCTION workspacebrussels, Nadine , KVS, sponsored by vlaamse gemeenschapscommissie