Code of conduct

We are here for you, and for each other.

Welcome to KVS. We will make every effort to make you feel safe and welcome.
At KVS we create and perform theatre with passion. We do so together: with each other, and for an audience. Whoever you are, whatever your position, no matter how long you work here, wherever you come from, whatever your sexual preferences, your age, your language, … you are here because you are who you are and because you are part of that process. 
We create theatre together. We share time, space and feelings. We want to do so with respect for one another. Sometimes the passion for our work drives us far, but we always want to work together on an equal footing. 
Even in creative processes and collaborations that employ a hierarchical structure, this hierarchy must never lead to a feeling of unsafety or to any form of intimidation or abuse. Always maintain equality as the foundation of every working relationship.
Be boundlessly generous, but also respect each other’s boundaries. Look out for yourself and your colleagues. We need each other in that respect.
If you ever feel unsafe, if things happen (repeatedly) or remarks are made that you feel uncomfortable with, and that you are unable or unwilling to address directly with the person(s) involved, your manager or colleagues, please direct them to one of our confidential counsellors, the gender room, or the external Mensura service. Someone will always be there for you.

We are there for you, and for each other.


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Barbara Matthijs | 0484 42 56 08


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