Bruno Vanden Broecke, Valentijn Dhaenens & Vincent Stuer / KVS


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They haven’t seen each other for five years, Leopold III and his minister of foreign affairs Paul-Henri Spaak, not since that night at the start of the war. The government fled the country, the king stayed. For five long years of occupation, it has been grating, seething, ripening, the so-called ‘tragic misunderstanding’ between them.

It’ll be another five years until the battle is concluded. Not with a compromise, but with a public consultation that forces every Belgian to pick sides and that brings the country to the brink of civil war.

The clash between Spaak and Leopold is not just a confrontation between two figures who made different choices during the war: it’s a clash of two different personalities with opposing world views. The conflict is the Big Bang that our current democracy was born from.

After Unsung, a razor-sharp dissection of the political state, Vincent Stuer (political spokesman and speechwriter) writes another play for Valentijn Dhaenens, this time joined by his brother-in-arms Bruno Vanden Broecke. Together they get under the skin of the historical figures of Spaak and Leopold III. Before your eyes, these icons become people just like you and me.

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