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Bruno Vanden Broecke is one of the KVS faces and a celebrated actor in theatre, movies and television. 

Bruno Vanden Broecke (°Sint-Niklaas, 1974) is a theatre and film actor. He graduated with a master’s and teaching degree in Classical Philology and a bachelor in Dramatic Arts. Bruno was a member of the SKaGeN collective (2000 to 2009), which he co-founded, and Compagnie De Koe (1999-2008). He is one of the KVS faces and previously performed at KVS in Missie, Para and Ouder kind

In 2007 he first performed the monologue Missie, about the missionary André Vervecken, for the KVS. It was written by David Van Reybrouck and directed by Raven Ruëll, and over the last seasons Vanden Broecke has performed it in four languages in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. An English translation was recently published. Its successor Para toured throughout Belgium and the Netherlands to great acclaim. The performance won Bruno Vanden Broecke the Louis d’Or prize for best lead actor at the Nederlands Theaterfestival 2018. Ouder Kind was the tenth play Vanden Broecke performed in collaboration with theatre creator Raven Ruëll, a milestone in their long relationship. The play portrays a fictionalised autobiographic portrait of the two friends and has received countless positive reviews.

From 4 September 2020 you can see Bruno on our stage in collaboration with Valentijn Dhaenens for the first time, in the performance Jonathan

He is best known to the general public for his television work. He has acted in de Ronde, Code 37, Duts, Katarakt, Matroesjka’s 2, Den elfde van den elfde, Callboys 1 and 2, Clinch and Safety First, shared the prizes (including an Emmy) won by Wat Als 1 & 2 & 3, and is addressed almost every day as Sammy Tanghe, a character from Het Eiland. On the big screen, he has appeared in Any Way the Wind Blows, Een Ander zijn Geluk and Loft. In 2018 he started the production company Brutteo with actors Ruth Beeckmans and Matteo Simoni. The first fruit of their labour is Trio, a film the trio produced, directed and performed in together.


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