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New virtual stage: KVS 24/7

We are breaking open the boundaries of space and time and opening up the back rooms of the theatre. Enjoy our performances whenever it suits you, and wherever you are – on the other side of the world, or at home in quarantine. On our brandnew virtual stage, you can follow new creations live from wherever they like, or rewatch them later.

Discover our virtual stage

KVS 24/7 is an on-demand home for our performances. Can't be there, is the performance sold out or would you rather stay in your sofa? Then watch the livestream. We offer some for free, for others we charge € 5. And you get a number of extras.

You will also be able to discover the creative universe of each performance. On their wall, artists disclose their sources of inspiration, interviews, photos, and their favourite spots in Brussels. Want to discuss what you’ve seen? Step into the bar and chat to fellow viewers. In the future we will also be organising virtual meet-and-greets with the many artists who join us this season. In short: the night is young, the possibilities are endless.

These are our live streams