Liza Siche-Jouan & Zoé Hagen


“Catchaboom” is a performance by Liza Siche-Jouan and Zoé Hagen, an exuberant duo in search of new worlds and done with propriety. For breakfast, they devour the patriarchy with their fangs. For dessert, it's stones in store windows, yoga soundtracked by femtrap music, making out, and burning cars. Once that's done, the real work begins. Donning sunglasses, a bad attitude, and a sac of knives as their weapons, no one can predict their trajectory. Only one thing is certain: if it's hot under the volcano, the lava will flow.

The driving idea behind their interactive performance is to create a space where they can welcome their anger and transform into a performative expression. While anger is at the center of their daily life and artistic practice, it is not welcome in the public space, especially not from women and queer people. From this fundamental shared repression, Liza and Zoé began to build a database of references, experiences, materials, objects, movements, and conversations that they have generated into a performative proposal.

Liza Siche-Jouan (dancer, performer, and cook) and Zoé Hagen (artist, performer, sex worker) met during their studies at the Beaux-Arts in Brussels in 2020. They soon discovered their common passion for fighting and lighters. Their friendship is based on a daily need to shatter the patriarchy into a thousand pieces. In channeling each other, they generate a force that is as creative as it is destructive, full of love and anger.