KVS x Kaaitheater

Kaaitheater is temporarily houseless, but not homeless. Kaaitheater continues its programme during building renovation works in collaboration with various partners in and around Brussels, including KVS. We are delighted to open up our theatre to artists that we want to introduce to Brussels audiences together. 

We make a virtue of necessity: KVS and Kaaitheater are collaborating more closely to offer theatre and dance creators in Brussels a stage. This season, those creators are Meg Stuart and Dorothée Munyaneza. We are also jointly supporting the work of Manuela Infante, and we open the next season with a bang by co-hosting the Theaterfestival.

Toi, moi, Tituba

Dorothée Munyaneza / Cie Kadidi & Kaaitheater

03.05.2024 and 04.05.2024


Manuela Infante / KVS & Kaaitheater

22.02.2023 - 09.11.2023


Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods

25.10.2023 and 26.10.2023

The Cadela Força Trilogy: Chapter I - The Bride and the Goodnight Cinderella

Carolina Bianchi / Cara de Cavalo & Metro Gestão Cultural / KVS

21.09.2023 and 22.09.2023