Random Goodbyes 2022

Moya Michael, David Hernandez & Jin Xing Dance Theater
Wed 07.02.2024 20:00 - 22:00
KVS, Brussels
20:00 - 22:00

Everyone carries a story under their skin, just as unique and varied as a fingerprint. What connects us and defines our humanity are the inevitable things: love, life, and death. 

From king, politician or businessman to servant or sage: behind every face in the audience hides a story, a collection of all their helloes and goodbyes, and the myths they become. What they do and what is done to them, random but still specific in all its intimate detail, each isolated in their desire for belonging.

Random Goodbyes is a collaboration between Moya Michael, David Hernandez and Jin Xing Dance Theatre that opens a window into a landscape full of intermingling lives and cultures. The collaboration between both choreographers by invitation of the Jin Xing Dance Theatre started in the summer prior to the pandemic in Shanghai. Because the world went into lockdown for the three following years, the creation never premiered. It has resurfaced now, on the other side of this global crisis, as a consideration and commentary on all that has happened in one of the darkest episodes in recent history. The cast is a mix of Chinese and local performers, and a collection of both personal and communal stories.